Cost of Dental Implants

Are you thinking of dental implants and choosing a suitable surgeon? One of your primary questions probably revolves around the cost of the treatment. The cost for dental implants treatments varies depending on many factors. The best way to figure the cost is to request for estimates from clinics you intend to get the implant done. The surgery is expensive because dental implant surgery involves a team of professionals. It benefits you to understand the different components of treatment to know its cost better.

Smart marketing tactics can mislead you before treatment, with seemingly lower rates when actually it is not so. The cost of the dental implant and placement quoted may be only the cost of the actual implant and surgery to place the implant. But there is much more to this. A crown has to be fitted to an implant placed in your jaw which needs a post called an 'abutment' to be fixed to the implant. The cost of the implant abutment is a separate amount. Then the cost of restoring the dental implant with a crown, a fixed bridge or a denture is yet another component. The cost of crowns differs according to the materials and quality. The possibility of a number of implants and crowns adds to the initial cost. If the bone lacks thickness to hold the dental implant, synthetic bone material should be used during surgery, which means a price increase.

Dental implant rates differ with each dentist. One trained in implantology, with years of experience and proven track record charge more for his or her time than a novice in the field. You can ask for a detailed breakdown of surgery fees. The brand of implant the surgeon uses effect the cost. Different brands of dental implants vary in price and reflect on the cost. Another factor that determines the cost of implants is the overheads of the dental clinic.

Patients can take advantage of financing options for dental implant surgery that facilitate 100% of surgery fees.

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