Insurance for dental implants

Most dental insurance policies are restrictive in nature and may not cover the cost of dental implants. Therefore, before you go ahead with dental implant treatment, it is important to revisit your dental insurance policy to know whether dental implant expenses are covered under the provisions of the policy. If the policy seems unclear on this issue, you may get in touch with the insurance company to ascertain the facts so that you can plan yourself financially for the dental implant treatment.

If you are taking a new dental insurance policy or renewing an old one, you may consider adding the coverage for dental implant costs. However, you should be aware that this coverage will escalate the annual premium costs of your policy considerably. So you need to carefully evaluate your options before deciding what the best-suited approach is in your case.

There are other conditions associated with dental implant insurance which you need to consider. The coverage may be provided after a certain waiting period is over, which is usually one or two years in case of a new policy. Furthermore, if you have a pre-existing dental condition that requires a dental implantation, the insurer may refuse to offer you this coverage.

To make your dental implant insurance cheaper, one of the ways is to club your various insurance policies with the same insurance company. This gives you a better negotiating power and the company may willingly offer you more competitive premiums. Some insurance companies also offer attractive health insurance packages that include coverage for dental implants. So you may evaluate such schemes and offers from different insurers before choosing the best option for your needs.

It is important to note that under specific circumstances your insurance company may not reimburse you even if you are covered for dental implant costs. For instance, if you damage a tooth while playing a contact sport without wear a mouth guard, the insurance company may refuse to accept your claim even if you have adequate dental implant coverage under your policy.

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