Dental Implant Companies

Dental Implant companies are primarily involved in the manufacture and distribution of various components required for dental implant surgeries. The high success rate and effectiveness of dental implants over the last two decades has given rise to an increasing number of dental implant companies in the U.S. market. A vast majority of dentists advise dental implants as the best tooth replacement option to their patients, which has created a growing demand for this procedure.

The dental implant manufacturers have to perform their production processes in conformation with strict guidelines laid down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA treats dental implants at par with any other medical implants and demands a high degree of quality control from the manufacturers. The base material used by most companies to produce a dental implant is titanium. A superior grade of this metal is used for producing implants. Titanium is a highly biocompatible material and it is extremely rare for this metal to cause an allergy to the patient when it gets integrated with the bone and tissue.

Different dentists may have their own personal preference for a particular brand of dental implants, but essentially all companies make use of titanium to produce the implants. There is a high competition among the dental implant companies, and there are more than 50 manufacturers of implants in the United States alone. To win a better market share, most of the manufacturers are constantly looking at product innovation and delivering better value to the patients.

Some dental implant manufacturers have begun to adopt the advanced nanotechnology to enhance the implant surface design. The companies expect that with this revolutionary technology, the longevity of the implants will improve further and the healing period after the procedure will be cut down by as much as 50 percent. Some of the leading companies that have embraced nanotechnology for implants include Straumann, Astra Tech, 3i, and Bicon.

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