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Get Help with Debts

Do you just seem to be swimming or maybe even drowning in debt all the time? It’s getting frustrating isn’t it? So get help with debts with some easy-to-do things which will make sure you get out of debt and, mostly, stay out of it as well.

Cut up all your credit cards except those two with the lowest interest rates. You can use these when you are in extremely URGENT need; use it only during times of desperation. Get into the habit of using cash or get yourself a debit card. Both of these will help you keep better track of what you are spending and also since you pay off immediately, at the end of the day, you will have ZERO debt.

Learn to budget on a monthly basis; a weekly budget would be too difficult to plan out and to meet so don’t try doing it. Make out a realistic budget; don’t draw up a budget which uses up every cent of your saving to settle your debt. Leave something for food and water too. Force yourself to stick to the budget and even if you get spare cash and decide to splurge it on small things, make sure you keep track of it. Look at yourself as a your “home” accountant who has to be accountable for every cent spent.

Get rid of small luxuries, such as cable TV or cake from that plush bakery every week. Those are things that can help you save and still survive! Cut down on eating out; make whatever you can and try to eat at home. You’ll be shocked how much you can save from these things. Although it might be difficult at the beginning, life without Fashion TV is not so bad at all.

Once you realize you are literally drowning in debt, look for merciful creditors. Get that phone and start calling them and be realistic about your debt situation with them. If you are truthful and genuine enough, you may get some rebates or even lower interest rates.

You walk into an electronics store and you see a sewing machine or maybe even a washing machine you would just love to get your hands on. STOP! No! Don’t get that credit card out! Instead, decide that you’ll come back when you have enough cash on hand. Start saving. Once you have saved enough you may realize that you actually don’t want it; leaving you with the savings! On the other hand, develop a mindset and force yourself to live within your means. If you can’t afford it, stop thinking about it rather than drooling over it.

Once you help yourself out of debt, make sure that it is the first step to a “debt-free” life than a “lower debt” life. Good luck!

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