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If you are in the field of complementary medicine or reflexology with the passionate intention of helping others, then there’s great business idea for you.  Due to the fact that our society today relies heavily on chemically laden prescription drugs, psychotherapy and surgical procedures to "heal" the sick, there has never been a better time to look into alternatives. Hence, this is where your skill and expertise in reflexology comes in.

It is important to note that Reflexologists are increasingly becoming more and more common and popular these days.  In fact, reflexology is one of the most popular complimentary therapies available today, because it works.  So the question for you is, whether you have found your niche.

Since we are aiming these resourceful articles at mostly work at home moms, focusing on children will be a fabulous and appropriate business example. 

Children can benefit from reflexology in many ways. A few of the most common reasons for conventional medical treatment are ear infections, constipation and bed-wetting. Reflexology has been shown to dramatically improve these problems, and many more in children.  Moreover, more and more children today are diagnosed with "diseases" such as ADD, ADHD and chronic depression, among others.  Where conventional medicines have failed, natural medicine can make a real difference. 

This is where your opportunity lies, to heal these kids and to provide them childhood rid of sickness, it’s important that you consider starting a reflexology business that provides house calls to families dealing with children diagnosed with such illnesses.  The market is absolutely huge.  Furthermore, you can have the opportunity to touch the next generation in a positive way.  For small children, you could offer a mom and baby session where you would travel to their home and provide therapy to the child as well as a relaxation session for the busy mom as an added perk.  It is a unique approach that will add value to your business. 

One of your biggest markets for such a business could be focused toward mothers dealing with colicky babies.  Colic is a very big problem, and one that can be cured naturally.  If you can successfully cure a baby with colic, you will be an overnight success and the talk of the town!  

In addition to the on call service, you could take your related services a step further and provide teaching sessions to parents so that they could provide basic therapy to their child.  A service such as this is very professional and very respectable.  You could think of this service as an ongoing "counseling” service for your clients.  When the parents are ready to take on the task of helping their own children, you can offer to provide lifetime "coaching" sessions or counseling sessions for a fee.  Teaching your skills to others adds value to your business and will help parents feel that what they are paying for is well worth it. 

To make your reflexology service a success, you will have to keep a few things in mind.  First and foremost, and this applies to any reflexology business, but especially if you are going to work on children, you will need to be certified and you will want to carry liability insurance.  Second, make sure you communicate with your clientele.  This would be especially important if you are working with children.  Talk with the parents, get frequent updates and adjust your therapy accordingly.  You are only as good as your results.

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