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Craft Business

Custom Quilting Business

By Peter Engelbrecht

How many homes have you walked into and on a chair or on a sofa is a beautiful and colorful quilt? You have probably become a little envious as you think how wonderful it would be to have one of your own. Well, why not just take it a step further and start your own quilting business. This is an absolute fabulous work at home opportunity that just about anyone could start.

So what will I need to get started? Firstly, ask yourself, do I know anything about sewing, marketing and am I creative. If you answered no to any of these questions then you should obtain some books from the library that will help you get started.

Secondly, if you answered yes, then get started. Start by drawing up a short business plan. Who will I market to? I would try the Girl Scout Troops, soccer, softball and baseball teams. Your pitch will be, hey bring me your old and treasured t-shirts and let me make a customized quilt that will be a keepsake for years to come.

You will also want to try to make some mockups of what you can do and take them to trade and craft shows to display and answer questions. Have some business cards and brochures to hand out. Also, see if any one who owns a craft shop will allow you to display any of your quilts or they may even buy some from you. Try donating one or two to a charity to raffle off so that they can raise money. Everyone will know your name.

As an additional side business, many of the pieces of material people will bring to you for their quilt may be wasted, as the actual pieces used in the quilt probably will only be small. So, take those discarded pieces and make little stuffed teddy bears for the girls, they will absolutely love them. Later you can then offer to make stuffed toys for an additional fee.
I hope this has been helpful and that it has generated many new ideas to help you get started, best of luck.

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Craft Business
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