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By Candi Mathes

Hi, my name is Candi Mathes and I am a new home business mom. Not so new to staying home but new to the business world of staying home. I have 2 children who are my main incentive to stay at home. When my first child was born I went back to work right away knowing how much I would miss her but also knowing how much we needed my extra income. I continued to work until she was 7 months old and couldn't stand being away from her any longer. My career passion has always been children so when I quit my job I immediately started a small inhome childcare center. I loved it! I would get up every morning and look at my daughter and thank God for the opportunity to watch her grow. Then along came my adorable son and I no longer had to worry wether or not I would have to leave him and go to work. Now here it is almost 3 years since I quit my "real" job and became a stay at home mom.

I continued providing childcare but was always looking for something I could call a career. I have always loved "dabbling" in this and that often being called a "jack of all trades". One trade of choice has always been seeing just how much I could dress my daughter up. From the time she was born I was constantly looking for anything cute to put in her hair (or in her lack of hair as her case was.) Within the last six months I began designing my own hair accessories for her and recieved great responses from family and friends. As a result I decided to start "Sugar N Spice Bows & Accessories". My own business at last. I currently have my products in some small shops around the small town we live in and I have opened an online store site at My marketing techniques have now begun. I am currently working on writing a press release, emailing my site address with a opening newsletter to all of my contacts, classified adds, and anything else I can come with. I am also currently researching banner adds.

My feelings of accomplishment are what keep me going. My husband is also proud of "his wife" and that always helps. My days are filled with still some childcare and as much time as I want or need to just "be with my babies". My son who is just 17 months old is very fond of sitting on mommies lap and watching her work at the computer and my daughter who is 3 would rather be outside any day any time. So most of my work is done either when daddy is home or they are sleeping. Which is ok with me because I call the shots.

In conclusion, my final words are that now I wake up every day to "both" of my children, my husband, and my very own business and know without a shadow of a doubt that I have so very much to thank God for.

Candi Mathes
Sugar N Spice Bows & Accessories
P.S. Come and check out my designs at:

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