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Craft Business

Starting A Jewelry Business

By Mary Miller

This is my story of how I started my home business in jewelry design and marketing.

My husband and I decided that I would quit work 5 years ago and home school our two children. I had 12 years in the insurance industry and an accounting and a computer specialist associate degrees.

We purchased our home and did not worry about the school system, as we always wanted our 2 children to have christian educations. We enrolled our children in our church school while I still worked but then after a good christian background, we decided to let the children get a taste of the real world and attend public school. What they were taught and went through went against our Christian principles. At this time, we decided that I would quite work and stay home. The budget was cut with me not working each day (clothing, gas, food, etc) and the girls not having to have uniforms or school clothes (we did school work in our p.j.s if we felt like it), we were able to make ends meet, but I still wanted something more (the entrepreneur in me) as the schooling only took half a day.

My Mother-in-Law introduced me to Angel jewelry as a Christmas gift that year. We went to a jewelry trade show and lying on the floor behind one of the booths was a parts catalog for designing jewelry. The booth owner gave me the catalog. God gave Miller Pin Art it's start after I made my first parts order, as well as a way to fund my children's home schooling.

I was able to contribute to the family budget as I started putting my products in craft booths and doing outside craft festivals. The girls and I did 'School on Wheels' as we went to market and purchased parts and then we would create the products and then deliver the products to the craft malls.

I decided to put up a webstore and a friend from Georgia, my webmaster, Jim Freeman, designed my website for me with my input of what I wanted. I know Jim pulled out some hairs and lost a lot of sleep, but we went live April of last year in time for Mothers Day sales.

I now have one daughter graduated from home school and in college and one more to go. I display my handcrafted and resell products in craft booths at gift and craft malls in Victorian Gift Mall and Tea Room in Pt. Arthur, Texas, Two Sisters Craft Mall in Vidor, Texas, Heartland Co-op Craft Mall in Silsbee, Texas, Crafts & More in Hemphill, Texas, as well as upkeeping the webstore. We fill orders from the answering machine as well as from the email orders from the webstore and Post Office mail.

The only area in my life that is not to my liking having a home business, and my busy schedule, is the house is not always in order. I have taken over the dining room and a little spill over into the living room until we can get the time to look for a larger home. There is a wreath on the door that holds a sign that states "I cannot be creative and tidy at the same time", which is the motto that I have have adopted and sets the scene for our visitors.

Through this business, our family has bonded as we shop for parts and items and design and market our products. We are constantly adding new items to our business (handmade and resell).

May God Bless You

Mary Miller
Miller Pin Art
Mary Miller Designs

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