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Craft Business

Creating Scrapbooks As A Home Business

By Sarah Pulling

My name is Sarah Pulling and I would like to tell you about a my business!

I have recently offered to create scrapbooks (either whole with photographs, whole empty but decorated scrapbooks, or by the page empty or decorated) for others. This seems to be very popular and is also a great gift idea! I have made adoption ones, wedding ones, baptismal, bar mitzva and any occasion you can think of! Even though many people do their own scrapbooking, it is easy to fall behind and request a little help. Many others really like the idea of archival preservation of their special memories, but do not have the time it takes to put into a full scrapbooking endeavor.

I charge for supplies, plus by the page. If I am asked to do and entire scrapbook (15 pages or more) there is a discount per page.

I do have a background in art attending the Kendall College of Art and Design, and the Royal College of Art in London, but I have seen many scrapbooks that are absolutely beautiful done by amatuers, so I think most anyone could do this! I am really enjoying it and have had nothing but extremely pleased customers. (I would suggest creating some sort of disclaimor for being able to cut and crop pictures and use your own creative liberties with people's photos, etc. that the client must sign)

Thanks for taking the time to read my business idea!

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Craft Business
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