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Craft Business

Your Own Crafts Selling Business

By Natalie Goyette

There are several reasons why making and selling crafts at craft shows is a great business idea. We’ll take a look at the top three reasons why this can be a great, and profitable home business for you to take on.

1.) Great Profit Margin – Most of the crafts people are going to sell at craft shows are created for a relatively small price. Many will be under $2 or $3 each for materials and the amount of time you put into them. The wonderful thing is these are the same crafts that you can likely sell for over $10 – if you do it right.

Figuring out what the costs are, and then pricing your craft right is going to help you boost your sales figures and ultimately your profit when you set up at your local craft shows.

2.) Low start up costs – All you really need are the supplies for crafts, and then some time to make and sell the crafts, and you have yourself a great business venture. This isn’t a business that you have to sink hundreds or even thousand of dollars into in order to start seeing a decent profit.

All you really need is a day out to purchase some supplies and then the time to spend making them – and that doesn’t really amount to a fortune. Your crafts are something that you will probably be able to make in the comfort of your own basement or garage – or a craft room that you might have in your home.

3.) Doing something you enjoy – If you are even thinking about starting a home business involving crafts, there is a strong chance that you probably already like doing crafts to begin with. That puts you in pretty select company! Not everyone gets to make income doing something they love to do! Many people are putting time in at a job they don’t necessarily enjoy – but you don’t have to do it.

Making crafts for sale at craft shows is something you can embrace, just as much for the sheer enjoyment of doing the craft – and then watching as the craft sells like hotcakes in your booth at the local fair or show.

That’s just three reasons – and I am sure you can think of many more! Craft shows are a popular place for many shoppers to find items that fill their home with character and charm. It is something you can make a great business out of. With the right plan and the right craft, you can turn a hobby into a profitable venture, and enjoy it along the way.

Natalie Goyette shows you how to make your craft show business profitable in her best selling ebook: Craft Show Success Secrets. Visit her site:

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Craft Business
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