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Button Making Business

By Peter Engelbrecht

Here is a fabulous, fun and inexpensive business that just about anyone can get started in today, and I mean right away, as long as you have the materials to get started. In this business, you make buttons of all sizes, styles, colors and for just about any event, you can think of. Think about it, you can always find someone that wants to wear a button to support a cause, promote an event, or just for plain fun.

There are practically thousands of opportunities where you can make and sell buttons. Political candidates always need buttons to give their supporters during campaign stops. Then there are school events, sports teams, the marching band and the theater. How about the seasonal buttons for Halloween, Christmas and Independence Day. I can keep going, but I think you get the point, there are so many places, events and situations to make and sell a button that I just start getting a headache thinking about it. I bet you can think of even more.

So where do you get started? The first thing is to start gathering all the supplies and materials you will need. I did a search on the internet, typed into one of the search engines, button business, and came up with some good results that I think can help you get started. The button maker machine is not very expensive. Besides the button machine, you will need various colored paper, some button casings and then some plastic for the front of the button.

When you are all ready, start marketing your business by designing and delivering flyers to churches, community organizations, youth sports teams, musical groups and fan clubs just to name a few other places that would be interested in your buttons. Give them a great deal for first time customers. If you start out with seed capital, you could also donate some badges or buttons to some groups in a show of goodwill so that they will buy from you sometime in the future. Make sure that you always include you business card or contact information. If you are smart you can leave you contact information on the back of the button so that they can easily see who made the button.

This is a great business to get your feet wet as the saying goes. Since it has a such a low cost to get started, even if you were to give up or loose interest you could sell the button machine or just keep it to make fun buttons for your children’s birthdays or special events. Looks like we have another event, children’s birthdays.

This is an exciting business opportunity, take the time now to do a little research on the internet, I am sure you will find that this is a great way to start a work at home business. Good luck.

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