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Welcome to Bizymoms’ new section dedicated to everyone’s best friend…the vendor coupon! Admit it you love them! I know I do. Whether 20% off or   buy one get one, we clip them,     save them and most of all we         redeem them! So take the           plunge, read some               articles, download a                 coupon or two, and                  start saving money                     today!
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Redeeming Coupons Have a Plan

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 I’m sure that you have a whole load of coupons which are screaming out loud from your purse, begging to be redeemed. You obey their wishes and go to the store, only to see that you don’t know which coupons to redeem. You look for the appropriate ones, and give them to the cashier. You go home, taking the new leaflet with you, and realize that you’ve missed out on an awesome deal, which would’ve been made super awesome if you had used the coupons a few days later!

What’s gone is gone, but make sure that you plan the redemption of your coupons properly with the following tips.

Comparison Shopping
Look out for some really good deals on items without the coupons by comparing between stores. After finding out about these deals, use your coupons, and you’ll be able to get the goods at maybe one – fifth of the actual price.

Double Coupon Days
There are some stores which make an announcement stating that they are doubling the value of coupons on particular days. You better keep your ears wide open as you’ll be able to double your savings with these coupons.

Store Sale
A coupon gives you saving on particular items, and the saving will be even greater if that particular thing is already on a sale, which, again, increases your savings.

Competitor Coupons
There are a number of companies who won’t mind you using the coupons of their rivals, giving you the chance of acquiring coupons which can give you a high savings but still allowing you to shop at their own premises, thereby allowing you to shop at your favourite store.

Planning for coupons
Plan what you are going to have for your meals for the next few days according to the coupons you have in hand, so that you can save a lot of money on those groceries and you can avoid wasting them in case they get expired.

Efficient filing
Organize your coupons into particular categories, such as products, expiry date or any other category which you can make sense of, so that you can easily pick them out when you need them, thereby availing of the offer.

When your coupons are nearing your expiry date, you should start gathering the non – perishable items so that you can make good use of the savings.

Shopping online
It would be a good idea to use online coupon codes as you can save much more than when you use clipped coupons. This is generally a good idea as far as clothing, books and other stuff which you don’t generally find in grocery stores are concerned.

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