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Welcome to Bizymoms’ new section dedicated to everyone’s best friend…the vendor coupon! Admit it you love them! I know I do. Whether 20% off or   buy one get one, we clip them,     save them and most of all we         redeem them! So take the           plunge, read some               articles, download a                 coupon or two, and                  start saving money                     today!
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Organize your Coupons

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I’m sure you often find yourself standing at the cashier, saying no when the cashier asks you whether you have any coupons, when, in fact,  your purse may be full of them, but you just don’t know what’s what, and by the time you find out, they may have expired.

I started to get jealous, seeing people saving a lot of money on groceries. I’ve even heard of people who save nearly $30 on a single trip! There obviously was something going on, that I really didn’t know about. I too wanted to cut down the expense on my groceries.

I then realized what I was doing wrong. It all boils down on how you organize them. You may have all the required coupons, but it’s no use when you can’t  find them when you’re at the grocery store. It takes a lot of time to cut out coupons, so make sure you spent that time for something.

Highlight the expiry date
Before  you start thinking about how you could organize the coupons, highlight the expiry date. The validity dates of coupons are fairly short, so you’d want to make sure you make use of them before they expire.

Get an organizer
There are a variety of organizers, from the stylish ones, to the moderate priced one. If you don’t want to spend money so that you could save some, you could make one yourself.

No, you don’t have to get any tools to do it, just look for a check folder that you don’t use anymore. They generally have 12 pockets and tabs on each of them, so you can write what’s in the pocket on the label, so that you can easily dig the coupons out.

If you’re really addicted to collecting coupons, get hold of a check book holder, fill it with baseball card plastic protection sheets. Use dividers to separate them into sections. This will give you space for a lot of coupons, and makes for ease of sight.

You could also just put them all in a bag. However, you could end up not knowing what’s in there, and what’s not there! You might make a trip to the store, and learn about a big sale, which would’ve been even bigger if you had the coupons!

Come up with a system
There are no particular ways to sort coupons. You can try all sort of ways before you stumble upon the perfect system, or you could come up with your own way. You could sort them according to when they expire. You wouldn’t want to bring all the expired ones to the store too, as you may be intimidated at the very sight of so many coupons.

A popularly used method is sorting by food. This way, you can stand in front of a particular aisle, locate the relevant coupons, and find out which brand is giving out a good offer. You can easily find out what you need. Categories can include snacks, dairy, cleaning products, etc.

If you purchase your groceries at a particular store, you could sort them according to the structure of the store. Most groceries have a map of the structure, so that you can get an idea of what route you’ll follow once you’re in the store. Then, organize the coupons according to your route, so that you’ll spend less time searching for the categories, as you’ll have them in the required order!

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