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Welcome to Bizymoms’ new section dedicated to everyone’s best friend…the vendor coupon! Admit it you love them! I know I do. Whether 20% off or   buy one get one, we clip them,     save them and most of all we         redeem them! So take the           plunge, read some               articles, download a                 coupon or two, and                  start saving money                     today!
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I’m sure that, unless you have an underground bunker filled with groceries to last 5 decades, you can’t survive a week (or at least 2) without making a trip to the grocery store. A trip to the grocery store can be quite intimidating to the purse, but there are ways to keep the bill low.

One of the most commonly used methods of saving on grocery bills is by clipping coupons. It can really save you a lot of money, but only if you can organize them properly. If you really are interested in this, you should find out the Sunday newspaper which has the most coupons. Generally, the holiday seasons can see a crowded ‘coupons’ section. Just make sure that, during such seasons, you buy as many newspapers as you can!

You should get yourself a mini expanding – file folder so that you’ll be able to organize your coupons according to the store. It’s always more profitable for you if you can get coupons for stores which give you double coupon payouts. Such stores are generally more expensive if you try to buy things without coupons. If you can keep an eye out for the sales in the mail for the grocery stores, you could plan in advance what to buy even before you get to the store, so that you can save on a lot of time.

The main reason why duplicate coupons are given away is because, when you acquire something totally free with the double coupon, wouldn’t you like to have more than one for no charge or at least something near free? It really does add up, but it can take a lot of time to finish your shopping when you’re taking the coupons into consideration. If you have a baby, you can save quite a lot of money on baby food with coupons.

Not all of them are useful, however, so try to collect the coupons for stuff which you just absolutely love.
Knock out the coupons whose validity dates have already passed. You can exchange coupons with your friends, as well as on the net. Some coupons can be downloaded from the internet and printed. Coupon dispensers around the store can have some goodies in store, as will the store flyers.

Make sure you read the sentences in little letters at the bottom, as they may limit the choice on some particular stuff.

aving youngsters in the house can make coupon clipping tedious work. It would be a good idea to have your spouse with you, or go without your kids. If you haven’t started clipping coupons yet, do so now. You’ll be surprised at seeing how much you can save on your grocery bill. You’ll find that your food will be much cheaper than what you would’ve expected it to be!

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