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Welcome to Bizymoms’ new section dedicated to everyone’s best friend…the vendor coupon! Admit it you love them! I know I do. Whether 20% off or   buy one get one, we clip them,     save them and most of all we         redeem them! So take the           plunge, read some               articles, download a                 coupon or two, and                  start saving money                     today!
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Factoring Coupons into Your Weekly Budget

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I have a number of friends who are in an industry where the work is very much on the artistic side, rather than the technical side. The pay differs from just above the minimum wage for a beginner to double that for someone who is a seasoned veteran. Most of the workers in the industry are women who are looking for a second avenue of income or youngsters just getting into their first job. For some of them, it’ll be their only source of income, which is used to support their family.

I’ve heard them tell me that they beg to work extra hours so that they could get some more cash to make ends meet. Whenever I tell them of my fascination for coupon collection, they give me a blank stare. It frankly puzzles me because they seem to have the time to earn more money, but no time to save some!
I would say that saving money is a much better thing to do rather than breaking your back to earn some more!

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that the employee earns about $10 per hour. If she worked 15 hours more than they need to, they would get $150 more. She would have to pay taxes, which would leave them with about $115. The expenses she incurred to earn this money would also have to be deducted, e.g. daycare expenses, gas, vehicle maintenance. This would mean that she may have barely anything to show for all that hard work. She spends an extra 15 hours, which she could’ve well spent with her family!

This same person may have saved about $70 after deducting all expenses and taxes. She may have as well saved this money by using coupons when shopping for her groceries. This would definitely have not taken her 15 hours. She would’ve spent time clipping the coupons, sorting them out and planning her shopping trip. Spending some more time scourging newspapers and message boards for more coupons won’t take more than 2 hours. Even those 2 hours would be spent at home, whereby she wouldn’t have to spend any money on daycare or transport!

If she could spend her time wisely and looked out for other coupons, she would realize that there are a whole load of things on which she could save, which would have  been  more than what she would earn in those extra hours. She could use the coupons for clothes, household items – nearly everything she would need for her family. She would have to see her expenses and see whether she’s making full use of the coupons that are out there.

A lot of you moms out there would love to spend more time with your children but really feel that you have to work to give your kids the best they deserve. You’d feel your budget and your kids tugging at your hands. I know moms who realize about how much time they’ve not spent with their kids only after they reach their teenage-hood and regret it! Such opportunities only come once in a life time!

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