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Welcome to Bizymoms’ new section dedicated to everyone’s best friend…the vendor coupon! Admit it you love them! I know I do. Whether 20% off or   buy one get one, we clip them,     save them and most of all we         redeem them! So take the           plunge, read some               articles, download a                 coupon or two, and                  start saving money                     today!
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Using Coupons in Canada

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Newspaper flyers
There are 2 coupon flyers which are distributed nationally. One is the ‘Shop & Save’ and the other is the ‘Smart Source Magazine’ which is published monthly. Keep your eyes out for some coupons from brands like Tide, Pampers, Arm & Hammer and other such national brands.

Some magazines come with a ‘Clip n’ Save’ booklet, whereby you can get a number of Canadian coupons.

Look out for the companies and manufacturers which have a promotion period whereby you can print coupons off their site with your printer. You’ll be able to redeem these at the stores. The Pita Break Club and the Sport Nutrition Depot are popular sites for coupons.

Online Ordered
There are companies which have promotions whereby they send you coupons (which entitle you to free or a particular discount for goods) via mail. There are others like save.ca which despatch the coupons you require on behalf of the popular brand companies like Heinz and Gerber.

Product Packaging
Look for coupons on the packaging of the stuff you buy, which will enable you to get a discount the next time you purchase something, or sometimes even allow you to redeem your discount when you purchase the particular item immediately. Just to give you an example, some stores give you discount coupons on items that are nearing their expiry date. Similarly, there are cereal boxes that have coupons printed on the boxes, which you have to cut off to redeem them when you purchase the cereal the next time.

Mailing Lists
Call up the toll – free number of the product manufacturers which you purchase from, and ask them whether they have a mailing list and, if yes, join it. You should also check out the box to see whether they have a promotion whereby they send you coupons and other promotional materials for free and join them.

Write to them
You can send a letter to the manufacturers and ask them to include your address in their mailing list. They will then send you new coupons and promotional materials when they become available. You could also send in a review for their products. Companies tend to respond favorably to positive reviews.

Coupon Trading
You can go online and join some forums which bring together others who are interested in coupons like you. You can then trade coupons with them and get the coupons you really want from them.

Coupon Trains
A coupon train is a really novel concept. Basically, a person starts off the train by putting all the coupons he/she doesn’t need and sends them to a group of people, who will circulate it amongst themselves. Each person then takes the coupons they need and put coupons which they don’t need. It goes all over the country, and is a great way to get hold of a wide variety of coupons in no time.

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