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What's the Right Age to Get Veneers Fitted? Conway
What's the Right Age to Get Veneers Fitted?
The appropriate age for veneers cannot be said to be based on the possibility to have them fitted – this could be done even for a child. What is a veneer? Basically we are speaking of an egg shell thin layer of either porcelain, plastic or resin, which is bonded on over a faulty tooth.
A veneer will fill up the gaps and irregularities where there are missing teeth or misshapen teeth. A veneer will cover up a chipped tooth, a discolored one, and even can be made to look elongated when too short or to have a different appearance to match the rest of the teeth.
Often parents whose youngsters have had a fall and chipped a tooth will ask the question, ‘Is my child too young to have a veneer fitted?’ The answer would technically be, ‘no.’ A badly chipped tooth would be the kind extenuating circumstance, when dental experts would say a child would be entitled to a veneer.
However, by and large dental veneers are not recommended for babies, children or even teens. There are several reasons behind this thinking. Some of them are:

A veneer would be dental attention which is classified as cosmetic dentistry. It is felt that an individual should be of a level of understanding when they can make for themselves the decision to have a veneer fitted, or not.


In order to fit on a veneer, a thin layer – albeit a layer of natural tooth enamel has to be pared off the tooth. Particularly in the case of children with milk teeth, this is considered something to be avoided.


Additionally in the event a veneer is fitted on to a milk tooth, parents would also have to consider the reality of the fairly large expense for a measure that is very short lived.


All veneers are made of an artificial substance and then bonded on to the tooth. While most substances are extremely durable and strong, nevertheless after care and maintenance is a requirement. In the case of children and even teenagers, this may not be given adequate attention or treated with the necessary gravity. The expensive veneer is then more susceptible to damaged and loss of effectiveness.

While a veneer can be fitted on for almost anyone of any age – the practicability is the question that is uppermost in consideration, when trying to make the decision.
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