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About this article: Word Processing Software

Word processing software is used by practically every person who owns a computer. We all use some sort of software to type letters and other documents.

Word processing software

Many single users, offices, businesses and organizations use computers to create, edit and print written documents. For this reason word processing software are sought. Word processing software are used to compose, edit, format and print written documents with high quality, in a timely fashion. Word processors are also known as document preparation systems, which happen to be computer application software.

The basic types of word processors (before the time of computers) were type writers and electrical type writers. These machines gave very limited range when it came to composing and editing a document. For an example, the margins needed to be decided before typing the document, which was quite a drawback. It was not possible to change fonts or create different types of bullets. Typing errors needed to be zero, for if they happened, the finish of the document will not be up to standard.

When computers came along, the life of word processing changed dramatically. Now it was possible to first type the basic document and then change it in whichever way the user saw fit. It was possible to save the document before it was printed, so that others may check and edit it or take the document in a diskette to another location unharmed, unruffled and then get the print. Spell checkers were introduced which helped the typist to see the grammar and spelling errors while he/she types the document. This helped the typist to correct the error as the work was done. This of course made the life of the editor much easier, because the documents coming in came with much fewer errors.

Options like "merging" helped to save time in an unprecedented manner. Say if the user wants to send about five hundred letters to different addresses which had the same content. The word processing software provides the option where the user can type in the required content and then just type in all the addresses. The content will be matched with all the addresses and then the letter will be complete. This method is called merging. With word processing software, the user can change the font, size of the font, its color, add illustrations and so on. The user can also add tables, pictures, graphs and so many features which will help the reader understand the document better. Almost any type of requested document can be created using word processing software in a fraction of the time of using a conventional typing machine.

All these methods help to create a document which is of very high quality. Word processing software helps save time, money and provides the document in the exact format that is required.

Summery: This article describes the various uses of word processing software, its efficiency over conventional word processers and the dramatic advances in the word processing field today.
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