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About this article: What is Communication?

While we rely on communication to go about our day to day lives and conduct business, we may not know exactly what communication is. Learn what communication is and the different types of communcation that we use.

What is communication?

Communication has many different types of definitions. Some of them are as follows.

"Communication is the process of transferring information from a sender to a receiver with the use of a medium in which the communicated information is understood by both sender and receiver" (, 19/07/2008), and in the website of the University of Wolverhampton communications is defined as "The term 'communication' covers just about any interaction with another person. It includes sharing information, ideas and feelings between people." (19/07/2008).

Communicating with one-another is one of the most important aspects of human life. We as humans start to communicate while we are still in the womb. Even though most efforts of communication while a human is in the womb might be futile, we as humans grow and tend to learn. One of the basic things we learn is to start communicating. To say what you think or feel in any way possible, so that the other party may understand you.

The most important point in communication is that all the parties involved should understand a common language. If this requirement is not fulfilled then the effort of communication will be futile. The common language does not necessarily have to be spoken out. 80% of what you say does not come out of your mouth. There are many nonverbal methods of communication such as body language, sign language, paralanguage, touch, eye contact and writing. For the communication to be complete the other parties should be able to process, listen, observe, communicate, question, analyze and evaluate what has been communicated.

All what was said above will not be of any use unless the other parties respond and react according to what you are saying (or said). The only way for you to understand how the other party will react is to pay attention and try to interpret what they are trying to say.

It is not only humans that communicate, animals, trees and other unseen powers also communicate. Animals communicate with each other within packs and other species of the same kind. As an example a pride of Lions will communicate perfectly during a hunt to coordinate and pick out a target. Trees communicate with each other. This fact has been scientifically proven. It is also proven that plants behave differently when humans approach them. If a person who has harmed the tree before comes near, the tree will react in a different way to a person who cares and tends to the tree comes near.

Usually the level of communication is measured or described upon some dimensions. These dimensions are. "Content (what type of things are communicated), source, emisor, sender or encoder (by whom), form (in which form), channel (through which medium), destination, receiver, target or decoder (to whom), and the purpose or pragmatic aspect" (, 19/07/2008).

These are some of the important parts of communication. Communicating with one another is a very important part of every day life. Everything we do depends on it. Today communication has become so very complex and important that governments and organizations pay millions and billions of dollars just to make sure that the proper message is given out. The simple idea of exchanging information has reached such high levels that it is almost impossible to imagine a world without all the communication devices which are available to us now.

The idea of expressing ones self has changed in so many ways. Humans have been given the freedom to express them selves in any way possible without harming another. At the end of the day the best way to explain communication is to say that "communication is the method of expressing ones self so that others may understand and respond to what has been expressed."
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