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About this article: Types of Communication

There are many different types of communication that we use every day, not even realizing how much we depend on these technologies. We use a variety of communicaton tools for work and to keep in touch with loved ones.

Types of communication.

When it comes to normal human communication we can find two main parts of communication channels. One is verbal communication and the other is non verbal communication. If we think of communication based on style and purpose we can categorize it into two main parts, formal and informal communication. We can categorize communication on many other forms and bases as well.

Let us consider the two main parts of channel communication. We can categorize verbal communication into two parts, oral communication and written communication. Oral communication is when two or more parties communicate verbally with words. The conversation can be short range or long range. Spoken conversation is of a short range and communicating through a telephone or voice chat over the internet. The other type is written communication. Written communication can happen through normal mail, e-mail, or any other form of documented writing.

Non-verbal communication is mostly body language. It is possible to understand what a person is trying to say or how he/she is feeling. It is also possible to tell the mood of a person by bodily and facial expressions. Facial expressions are very important as well. Facial expressions give out what the person is feeling. The face is the first thing we notice in a person and the facial muscles give out most of the human expressions. Pictures, sign boards and photographs are also a part of non-verbal communication.

When we consider style and purpose we can divide it into two sub groups, formal communication and informal communication. Formal communication includes all forms of formal exchanges of information. Business communication and corporate communication are some of the formal communication methods. For an example office meetings, writing memos and official letters are some of the formal communication methods. The basic difference is that all communication under this category is very official and precise.

Informal communication is the opposite of the above. It is a form of casual conversation or exchange of communication. This type of communication happens out side of the business or corporate community or between freely understanding parties. The two or more parties in concern should understand a common language or method of communication. There are no strong rules or guidelines; the only rule is that all the parties should be able to understand each other. This kind of communication does not require a certain topic. It is just normal conversation between known people.

There are other types of communication as well, such as vertical and horizontal communication. This is the kind of communication that happens between seniors and subordinates. Personal communication is a situation of mutual communication and impersonal communication is the exchange of information without personal communication. Instrumental communication is the kind of communication required for jobs. Expressive communication is unofficial type of communication.

All these types of communication are used through out the world to exchange and understand information. Even though communication has been categorized as mentioned above all these methods are used together. In real life a categorization of communication happens very really. All the classifications come to gather and form a stream line of communication.
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