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Technology is a broad concept that deals with an animal species' usage and knowledge of tools and crafts.

Computers and Technology in the Communication Age

In what is considered the Information Age, we all need to communicate, be it for personal or business tasks. Computers and technology have become an integral part of our everyday lives, encompassing almost everything we do from making a phone call to sending out correspondence via email, fax or text and instant messages, and voice and video chat. We depend on technology to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as business colleagues and partners.

Technology - Operating systems
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Comparison of operating systems
With the many types of operating systems available in the market a basic user of computer who is not too aware of the technical side of things can be bewildered when having to make decisions. If you settle for one thinking all operating systems are the same, you could be faced with difficulties if it doesn't meet your requirements. Unfortunately when this decision involves a business where computers are recognized as important tool to run the business, a wrong decision could delay and even bring down expected results from the business as a whole.

The most common for desktop use is the operating systems offered by Microsoft. They have a range of operating systems starting from MS-DOS to Windows95 and Windows NT. The advantage of using these operating systems is that there are a wide range of affordable application programs to use with them. Shortcomings are the lack of decent connectivity and interoperability. Windows95 and Windows NT have addressed the connectivity issue fairly well but these still lack in interoperability with other operating systems. This is to encourage users to stick to all Microsoft products, but limitations such as poor internet connectivity and low security may be expensive to sort out.

UNIX systems offer many advantages over Microsoft when it comes to connectivity. It offers excellent connectivity as it is the operating system of the internet and World Wide Web, which has always had to offer connectivity options. This is also a stable operating system with over 25 years of existence in the market as a reliable system. UNIX systems are scalable as UNIX technology has run on machines from basic to multi million value super computers. These systems also support multi tasking and multi users. Thus file, print and remote access servers can be implemented using any UNIX based system.  Read More

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Users of computers mush have heard the term," operating systems". But how many are really aware of the exact tasks of the same. Do you all know that it is the most important component of your computer? Any laptop or desktop pc that you normally buy these days comes with Windows XP operating system and Macintosh computers with OS X. Various corporate servers use Linux or UNIX operating systems. An operating system is the initial thing to be loaded onto any computer. We all know that the operating system is the most important software running on your computer without which one cannot run even the application software's which are designed to communicate with the hardware through the operating system. Are you aware that there are many types of operating systems available in the market to suit various needs and machines? The types of the operating systems can be classified as single program and multi tasking.
Microsoft windows operating systems consists of a string of software operating systems updated to keep in line with new technologies and meet new and changing requirements of users. Microsoft released its first operating system in 1985 named 'Windows'. It was developed as an add-on to the MS-DOS operating system to meet the increasing need for a graphical user interface (GUI). The earliest version of 16 bit windows operating system was thought to be just a graphical user interface. But in fact it already carried out many functions of typical operating systems by possessing their very own executable file format. It also provides its own device drivers for applications. Windows was also acceptable users to execute many graphical applications simultaneously (multitasking) unlike MS-DOS.. We are now all aware that an operating system is the program that is initially loaded into the computer by a boot program. It manages all the other programs in a computer, called applications. These application programs make use of the operating system by making requests for services through a defined application program interface (API). What does one mean by open source? Open source refers to programs where source code is made available to the public to use and also modify from the original design, free. Open source code is usually produced as a joint effort in which programmers' progress upon the code and share changes with the interested parties. These open source codes were born in technological community as an answer to proprietary software of ownership of corporations.
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