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About this article: Satellite Communication

Satellite communication allows us to learn more about our surroundings than ever before. Satellite communication is used for telephones and computers and really does make the world a smaller place, because we can communicate with just about anyone, regardless of where they are in the world.

Satellite communication.

Satellites are used around the world for a variety of reasons, communication is one of them. The first satellite to be equipped with a radio transmitter was launched in 1957 by the soviet government. This satellite was called Sputnik 1. The first American communication satellite was called Project SCORE which was launched in 1958. After the launch of these communication satellites, communication reached new heights. Many things which we thought to be impossible were achieved.

From earth a satellite seems to be stationary, but in reality it revolves around the earth at a constant speed once a day over the equator. This is called a geostationary orbit. This technique is very important because ground based antennas which need to be directed toward a satellite to gather information can operate effectively without the use of expensive equipment to track the position of the satellite. The first geostationary satellite was launched on the 9th of August 1964, which was called the Syncom 3. This satellite was used to relay television coverage of the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to the United States of America. This event goes down in history as the first television transmission sent over the Pacific Ocean.

Satellite television became the main market for communication satellites. The fact that satellites traveled on a geostationary orbit helped and boosted the applications of the service. There are two main types of satellites used for North American television and radio. They are: Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) and Fixed Service Satellites (FSS). In Europe most satellites used for direct-to-home television have the same high power output as DBS class satellites in the United States, but use the same liner polarization as a FSS class satellite.

Satellites were deployed for communication purposes on a commercial basis started off with communication Satellite Corporation, also known as COMSAT began in 1963. Then in 1964 the International Telecommunication Satellite Organization or INTELSAT emerged and COMSAT became a member of the United States of America. INTELSAT was based in Washington and 120 nations joined the group of ownership. The first satellite launched by INTELSAT was called Intelsat 1 which was also known as the Early Bird. was launched in 1965. It hosted a two-way TV channel between Europe and the US. Then during the 1970's INTELSAT developed and successfully launched Intelsat 2, Intelsat 3 and Intelsat 4. In the 1980's INTELSAT launched its next generation of satellites called Intelsat 5 and Intelsat 6. By the 2000's INTELSAT had some 21 satellites orbiting the planet. INTELSAT provided the world's largest and most extensive telecom system.

With such communication advances it is difficult to state the heights communication will reach within the next decade. Satellite communication has played a major role in the development and advances of communication. Without satellites it would be impossible to do some of the things that are now taken by many of us for granted. When you are making a call, listening to radio, watching satellite television or surfing the net we communicate with satellites. Things that look like shooting stars at night help to make our world a better place to live in.
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