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About this article: Internet As a Source of Information

The Internet serves as a source of information on almost any subject imaginable. With the evolution of search engines such as Google and Yahoo, you can simply open a web browser and find information at the click of the mouse.

Internet as a source of information.

Internet with its many uses is mostly used as a source of information. The internet has become the best source of information as there is nothing on which you cannot find information by browsing the internet, whether about science, technology, mathematics, history, countries, sociology, medicine, engineering, sports, games, music, movie, jobs or education. What with online encyclopedias and different sites on various subjects to gather information about a topic is no longer a hard task to do.

Internet is not just a source of information. It is the BEST source of information for any field of study and research. But one must be careful to choose the appropriate correct information as any individual can upload information to the website and no one can be sure of articles accuracy unless you are already knowledgeable about the article. Also information from the internet may not be updated. Browsing the internet is a skill in itself.

Assessing information gathered from the internet is particularly difficult. Always be sure to include source data of the information gathered in your document so that others can refer to the article from the reference given in your document. Do a through search to be sure of the author, organization, etc. which submitted that information to the net. Also if there is an author or organization stated, find out how reputed the person or organization is, and whether they can be contacted for further information.

The accuracy of information can be confirmed somewhat if the following can be found together with the web site, the information was gathered from;

Is there indication of the original source of the information?

Is the information well researched and informative?

Are instructions mentioned about including the information elsewhere?

Are there links to other useful sites on the same topic?

Is the information updated recently?

What is the aim of the site? To advertise, persuade, or disseminate information?

Are the goals of the site clearly mentioned?

Who is the site originally designed for?

Are there too many animations? It could be a method of hiding lack of information.

Remember, Information from the internet can be very useful, easy to access at any time from anywhere and updated more frequently, but yet to be sure at all times of 100% accurate up-to-date information, always spend more time to gather more data from books, brochures, newspapers, and interviews.
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