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About this article: Computer upgrades

Computer upgrades keep the computer up to date with necessary software and virus protection.

Computer upgrades

As the information technology and the computer based field is a fast growing and changing field, as you go on using a computer for sometime, there arises the need for updating the system, so that it keeps up with the modern tech requirements and demands. When you face this decision, it is important that you have a correct and efficient idea of how to get about this issue and do the upgrading of the computer in a right and needed manner. Adhering to the right methods and components from the right people will definitely save you money and time and also give you value for your money.

As you go about the upgrading process of your PC, firstly you need to know the golden rule regarding an upgrade. If your total hardware upgrade price approaches the $500 mark, you're probably better off buying a new machine and dealing with the migration headache, instead of overspending on upgrades. Even the cheapest new PC will probably be better than your upgraded model--and it will have a warranty. (


As one of the most important components of any computer system, it is vital you have sufficient technical knowledge on the theories of upgrading this component. In order to complete the upgrading process, you first need to know information regarding the class and the clock speed of your present central processing unit (CPU). To determine this information, you can use a system information utility program available in the web. These programs are recommended because the System Properties given in the OS isn't a better identifier of your system.

After the verification is done, your processor will fall into one of the three following categories.

Group 1: Intel Pentium or 486; AMD K6; or earlier. If you fall into this category it is advisable that you buy a new computer.

Group 2: Intel Pentium II, Pentium III, or Celeron; AMD Athlon, or Duron. If you fall into this category, then this is your lucky day, because, you can get a great deal by upgrading this current processor.

Group 3: Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP. If you fall into this category, there's no point in upgrading further, since these processors are already fast and further upgrading them will cost a lot.


This is another important part of your system. For effective processing speed it is important that you upgrade this component. Many motherboards available today have the capacity to house RAMs in excess of 1GB. So when upgrading your memory speed it is important you have an idea of the memory capacities that your motherboard can take. If your motherboard is an old one and it cannot take huge upgrades, then it is advisable you go for a better, new PC.

Video Card

This component is an important aspect if you are looking to work with extreme graphics or looking to play games with better graphics. For many of the games that come into the market today, they demand video memory capacities of over 128MB with higher DirectX support. For this component too, there is the issue of the motherboard compatibility. Some motherboards support PCI cards, while others support AGP cards and the latest support PCI-Express cards. If you are looking to upgrade into a fast and powerful video card, then it is vital that you go for a PCI-Express based Video Card.

Summery: This article gives some useful tips to keep in mind when you decide to upgrade your computer, in order to move with the trends and meet the growing requirements of the rapidly advancing IT field.
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