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About this article: Computer Hardware and Maintenance

Computer hardware maintenance is a key factor in the computer industry. Knowing how to maintain and repair hardware is a unique skill.

Computer hardware and maintenance

The scope

Computer Hardware and Maintenance involves a wide range of areas starting from research, design and development of computer hardware components to the final installation and maintenance. As the range of work is significantly broad, there are many job roles, each focusing on an area of specialization.

For instance it is the Hardware Engineer's role to contribute to the advancement of computer hardware technology by conducting research on innovative concepts and thereby developing new components and processes to make computers work faster and smoother.

Career Prospects

In 2006 it was estimated that there were 80,000 Hardware Engineers in U.S. This is an indication of the fact that the number of positions held in Computer Hardware Industry is relatively low compared to the number of people who work in other computer related industries such as the software industry. One of the main reasons for this is the automation of manufacturing and assembly processes which results in lesser demand for people.

Similarly the future growth is also expected to be at a lower rate compared to other computer related occupations, especially the high profile jobs such as Network Administrators. Outsourcing the manufacture and assembly of computers and related components from offshore suppliers is partly responsible for this lower growth. However, most of the time, even such a modest growth outperforms that of many other non-computer professions.

In addition, people who seek a career in this field will still have better opportunities because the number of new entrants coming into this field is expected to be in line with the level of new vacancies available. Further, if you compare this with other computer related professions, this would offer you more work-life balance. As a result, a career in Computer Hardware and Maintenance is not a bad choice at all.

The way forward

So let us now look at what paths are available to you if you intend to start a career in the Computer Hardware and Maintenance industry. First, if you want to be in a high end career such as hardware engineer, you may require to possess at least a bachelor's degree. As we all know, any engineering degree involves math and science. So a hardware engineering degree is not an exception. As a result, if you feel bored understanding these two areas, never seek to become a computer hardware engineer.

The requirements for installation and maintenance jobs on the other hand are less stringent. As a result, you may get employed even with a basic qualification such as a certificate, provided it is well recognized.

Once you get the job, stay tuned to updates related to your industry. The computer hardware industry is changing rapidly and as a result you should stay alert for the new advancements, to sustain your career.

So as we conclude, keep in mind, if you love working with computer components, a career in Computer Hardware and Maintenance would be ideal for you. Although future prospects seem less attractive when compared with some of the other computer related occupations, they are still attractive in overall context when matched with non-computer jobs.

Summery: This article describes the job scope, career prospects and the way forward for a job in the field of computer hardware and maintenance, especially for those who like to fiddle with the various components of computers.
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