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About this article: Other Fun Computer Stuff You Might Like to Try

Having a computer is fun and can be used for a variety of different activities. While you can use the Internet to connect with friends and family, you can also play games and create music on the computer, as well.

Fun and Exciting Computer Gadgets

As with any other item, a computer too, after being fully equipped with up to date material and components, has some room for improvement. In the sense, further components can be added to it, to give a look of sophistication and new dimension, so that it will reflect the identity of the user.

Many companies in this business are coming out with new and exciting and technologically marvelous components for the PC. In almost all of the components of the PC, there have been new and exciting additions and upgrades ranging from, keyboards and mice to super cool monitors.

The below information will deal with such technological components which continue to amaze and add to the efficiency of the PC.


Apple Mettalic

In the area of thin and ultra thin computers and accessories, Apple Inc. has been a leader. With their ultra slim laptop computers and other components, they have set the trend for the industry to follow. Similarly, they have come up with metallic keyboards which enable connectivity to the PC through Bluetooth and wired methods.

According to the, these new keyboards are crafted from anodized aluminum, and include dedicated keys for screen dimmer / brighter, expose, media controls, volume controls, and eject for optical drive.

AirTouch Foldable Keyboard

Also known as the EL Blue this keyboard presents the user with a virtually indestructible keyboard, which contains such features as, great durability and soft, comfortable feeling.



Adding to the amazement and advances in technology, this one of a kind mouse provides the users with a versatile utilization. Getting into the real facts of the device, the MoGo Mouse BT is a business-card sized, 2-button Bluetooth-enabled mouse that stores and recharges neatly inside your laptop computer's PC Card slot. MoGo Mouse BT features a patent-pending, sleek design, and the benefit of patent-pending optics, an intelligent battery management system that recharges in minutes inside your laptop PC Card slot, and liberating Bluetooth wireless performance. (


This is another great aspect and area where in a PC, great improvement can be done. Having a great and sleek monitor will definitely add to the quality of your work on display when you work. With the statement, "larger the better", being exactly the trend and the likeness of the users in the area of monitors, producers out there are coming up with increasingly high quality and large monitors to provide the user with an experience with better ease and comfort to the eyes as well.

Dell Crystal

Of these new, exciting and upcoming monitors, the Dell Crystal takes a special place. According to many reviews available, it is described as a gorgeous video display screen with a 22-inch widescreen flat panel monitor suspended within a pane of clear tempered glass that extends past the perimeter of the viewing area. Also floating within the glass frame on both the left and right sides of the viewing area are the Crystal's speakers. Each side is comprised of two circular speakers that are vertically suspended directly above each other. The only thing indicating they are electronically connected to the system is the distinctive twin lines that are themselves suspended in the glass at sharp right angles. Below the viewing area are five round touch-sensitive controls that connect via suspended curved lines within the glass. These serve to power on the screen as well as allow for visual and audio adjustments. The entire screen is mounted on a highly polished tripod leg arrangement that actually contributes to the impression that this entire display is somehow levitating in front of you. (

As we have seen throughout this article, they are many exciting and mind blowing new tech gadgets available for your use out there. Depending on the liking and preference of yours PC and its using experience, it can be a great and fun place for you and anyone who uses it. Addition of aforementioned keyboards, mice and monitors will make your PC a definite eye catcher and a great assortment of computer components aimed at efficiency and glamour.

Summery: This article describes the various fun and exciting gadgets available in the market today, which you yourself can equip your computer with, in order to achieve a higher level of computer usage experience.
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