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Technology is a broad concept that deals with an animal species' usage and knowledge of tools and crafts.
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About this article: Non Human Communication: Computer communication

Using the computer for communication is now a normal routine in most households and every office around the world. Sending emails, having video conferences from different parts of the world and conducting business have become extremely simple and efficient because of computer communication.

Non-human communication.

When it comes to communication humans are the best communicators. We humans can actually communicate with each other better than any other animal on this planet. But this does not mean that other animals do not communicate. Animals do communicate with each other and some species do it rather well. Some species of animals do have the facility to communicate in ways that humans cannot or can just communicate at a sub-conscious level.

First let's consider man's best friend "dogs." Dogs are some of the closest creatures to man. If you have a pet dog at home then you very well know that it is possible to communicate with them. Once you get to know a dog you know their howls, barks, growls, wines and other sounds. You know when your dog is sick from the way he/she wines and acts. Your dog will communicate with you non-verbally (without barking or wining). When your dog comes and keeps its snout on your leg when you are sitting, usually means that either he/she is sad or is bored and wants to play. Dogs like humans show their feelings through facial and bodily expressions. Cats do the same with purring, but the ranges of expressions of a cat are far less than that of a dog.

We all know that it's possible to train a variety of animals like Dogs, Cats, Cockatoos, Elephants, Dolphins, Seals, Gorillas and even animals like Lions and Tigers. It is said that next to humans Dolphins are the smartest animals. They communicate with each other through whistles and touch. Blue whales also sing to each other. The song of each whale is said to be different from another. It's like a human voice. This allows the mother whale to identify its baby whale.

Animals also use smell to communicate. Many females of a species would give out a scent to show that they are in heat during mating season and males of the same species would identify this scent. Humans also have the same technique but we identify this scent in a mere sub-conscious level. Species like snakes have the ability to sense vibrations. They use this to communicate with each other within the same species. Ants have the special ability to communicate chemically. The queen ant has a certain distinct chemical signature. The worker ants and other ants of the same colony would identify the chemical massages given and work accordingly. When a colony of ants battle and conquer another colony the invading ant queen will kill the other ant queen and obtain her chemical signature. This will allow the invading ant queen to control the ants in the new colony as well as the ants in the old colony.

Migrating birds and hammer head sharks tend to communicate with the earths magnetic forces in order to find their way. They travel for long distances and find their way back using this technique. Some animals like bats communicate and find their location through high pitched clicks. Bats use this method called echo location to find their position. They use the same method to communicate with each other and hunt. A pride of Lion, Wolves and wild dogs will communicate with each other in unprecedented ways during hunt. They will coordinate and separate a young, old or wounded pray using team work.

Like this animals communicate with each other in many different ways and techniques. Some of these methods have been tested by humans and has been identified as animal communication method, but there are many methods that we don't understand and other methods that we are not even aware of. Some of these methods have been put to use by humans for human communicational purposes. We have a lot of things that we can learn from animals, especially in communication method. We might be quick to think that humans are the superior being and have superior methods of communication, but if we do so we will be losing new and advanced methods of communication which the animals in the animal kingdom have been using for many, many centuries.
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