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Technology is a broad concept that deals with an animal species' usage and knowledge of tools and crafts.
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About this article: Advances in Communication Technology

Communication technology has boomed in the recent past, with the Internet, email, VOIP, and video conferencing. This has made life a lot easier and more efficient for people, both in business and in their personal lives. Communication is possible in a large variety of mediums and technologies.

Advances in communication technology

Communication is one of the most important parts of human life. Communicating with each other and passing information and understanding each other are of vital importance if you are to survive in society. Methods of communication, verbal and non-verbal have come a long way since the time we communicated for simple needs like hunger and illness.

Since Alexander Graham Bell the methods of communication technology has developed at an alarming rate. This actually shows us that mankind was actually waiting for a technological breakthrough that would push us to the next step in communication. Imagine if Bell did not invent the telephone, what kind of world would we be living in today. Almost every thing that concerns communication uses the technology. Graham Bell discovered not only the telephone, but the base for all modern communication methods.

Today we can pick up a telephone and call any one around the world or in some exceptional cases astronauts who are based in space stations. We have the internet, satellite communication and so many other ways that we can communicate.

Consider the internet; it's one of the largest if not the largest form of passing and gathering information. Today many households, companies, schools, organizations, businesses and many other corporations use the World Wide Web. It can be used for many purposes like advertising, sending and receiving e-mails, publishing personal information, gathering information, and so many other implications that you can practically live on the net. At this very moment when you are reading this article which is published on the internet you are using a source of very powerful communication device. I would dare say that the World Wide Web has surpassed the TV, radio and the newspapers as a source of communication.

A couple of centuries ago mankind did not even dream of communicating with the use of the sky, much less dream of something like satellite communication. A couple of decades ago we did not dream of what we could do with satellite communication. Today satellite communication has become one of most powerful methods of communication. Everything from phones to the internet to the TV and radio can be used through satellite communication. Through satellite communication it is possible for an individual to communicate with any one who has a similar communication device. This can be done from any where in the world. The latest GPS (General Positioning System) can show an individuals position with pinpoint accuracy. An individual can ask for directions from the system and it will show you the closest route that you can get there. If the road to the destination is under construction or if you cannot go in that path the GPS will choose a different route for you.

We are now trying to communicate with extra terrestrial beings that might be out there using the latest communication technology. We can communicate with animals, understand what trees are trying to tell us, understand the movement of the earth it self and try to understand when an earthquake might happen. We can try to understand how the earth has evolved and make an estimated guess on how it will react in time to come.

The best and worst part about communication is that it evolves, develops and expands. The way we see the world today will be totally different to how we might see the world in another 10 years time. Communication methods and ways might change and expand in ways that we never thought possible. Now it is even possible to move and control other objects by the movement of your hands, movement of your eyes and even by just thinking it. In the future we might start to communicate by just thinking about it. All this might be in the future, but for the moment talking and body expressions are some of the simplest and best ways to express yourself.
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