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Starting Psychic Tarot Reading Business

~*~A Taste of Tarot~*~
Let the Adventure Begin...

By Pesky, the Tarot Diva

Once upon a time, I dropped out of college after a single semester to be near the guy I loved. Two years later, married, and with a baby, I became a stay-at-home mom and the outcome was wonderful. My son knew that I was there, a constant in his life, and it made him a stronger and more independent being. When he started I went back to college, trudging along, part time, working toward a teaching degree. I wanted a career that allowed me to share his hours. Fast forward: I am within reach of my degree, and I'm overcome with baby-longing... (OR perhaps it's a deep-seated realization that teaching is not what I REALLY want to do....hmmmm).

Whatever the reason, within 24 months I'd dropped out of college again and had two, count 'em, TWO beautiful babies. I was back in the trenches of motherhood. The expense of daycare for two would have eaten most of any paycheck I could produce, and I was so pleased with what being a full-time mom did for my oldest that I got deeply into the "Zen of Mama" for two years.

At that point we purchased a computer for family usage. We have a really large living room and that's where the computer is located. I was able to putter around on the keyboard and still be part of the family action, accessible to the kids. I think that's one of the things that helped with my learning. If I'd had to shut myself off in another room, I never would have been able to take the time I needed to experiment and learn. I barely got enough time alone to shower, let alone to learn the ins and outs of computer usage. I began to teach myself and felt a major self-esteem boost whenever I learned something new. Soon I felt less like a person who exuded peanut butter from her very pores and more like someone who was at least on the berm of the information highway.

The stage was set for me to combine my two great loves, the Tarot and the computer. I've always had a little shining that I think I got from my maternal grandmother. I use this gift as a Tarot card reader. (To find out my opinions on the tarot, check out When I was doing full-time mama duty, I began giving away free readings on the homepage my best friend and I created. Through this work I discovered I had a talent and a preference for readings via email. I developed a series of questions which help me get a feel for the questioner, and I produce readings which have been enthusiastically received. (My interview with The Mining Company New Age Guide at has a link to the reading I did for her if you want a feel for what I do.)

I began to dream of a world where I could be a mom AND a Tarot reader AND get paid! I have an arrangement with my local Internet service provider. I do design work for him, and in return he stores my site, "A Taste of Tarot". There you can purchase a Tarot reading using a credit card and our secure server. This has allowed me to work from my home, yet have a worldwide market -- I've done readings for clients from England, Italy, South Africa, Malaysia -- I can't begin to list all the exotic locales. Right now I am attempting to run this business with as little overhead as possible, I do all the web design work myself. My sales are growing steadily and I have a list of "regulars" that warms my heart.

I've had many people write to me, and ask about my business, asking for advice. My suggestions are if you are going to do online readings, spend a lot of time seeing if you actually CAN do readings in that fashion. (It's a quirky talent of mine) Perhaps you'd be more suited for some "live" work. Tarot readings for parties or events can be very lucrative. Or, our local mall rents kiosk space by the weekend. Tarot Business could be quite brisk on a Saturday or Sunday. Also, local bars and restaurants offer a "Psychic night". Various readers form a kind of union, and then appear en masse on certain nights. Flyers are widely distributed, and people sign up for the reader of their choice, then eat and drink until their name is called (the reason the restaurants and bars love the idea....) The readers do quite well and even develop their own following.

More ideas-

  • I have business cards and I hand out piles of them to my friends and family. Then whenever they are in a grocery store, or at any other bulletin board where cards can be left (my nieces are in colleges across the country), they stick mine there.
  • I submit to search engines and other sites with regularity. I have a list of information, such as addresses, keywords, and site descriptions, that I save on file. Then I can easily cut and paste the info when I'm on a submitting binge.
  • I have a large mailing list. When people sign up for my mailing list they are updated about new readings and specials, and are offered "Mailing list only" treats -- free reading drawings.
    My best advice about working in the home with young children is to adapt your lifestyle to theirs. When they napped, I napped. Then I stayed up after everyone went to bed or got up early to do my own stuff. I got used to working with a lot of distractions as a trade-off for having my computer centrally located and easily accessible. I learned to work in short bursts, usually interrupted by the need to fill sipper cups or change a diaper.
  • And it helps that my husband (the same one I left school for all that time ago...) and family are hugely supportive. They are pretty proud of the fact that I created this business. These days when the space says "Occupation?" I put down "Domestic Goddess/Tarot Diva". Oh, and I finally finished up my last classes and I graduated from college, twenty years after I first dropped out. And somewhere along the way, I finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up...<grin>

Come visit me for a reading! A Taste of Tarot

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