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Start A Candy Bar Wrapper Business

My sister and I weren't looking to start a home based business, it all happened very suddenly. It was so exciting. I was sitting on our deck one sunny afternoon reading a parenting magazine. I flipped through the pages and came across a section on working at home. One article sparked my interest and got me thinking... I could design candy bar wrappers and sell them from my home. Fortunately, I already owned a computer, printer, scanner and software I could work from. The cost of starting would be minimal..that made the idea worthwhile to me. I immediately called my sister and we decided to try it. Not expecting much, we both got on our computers.figured out the dimensions of a wrapper and started designing. Before we knew it we had 10 designs we liked. We told a few friends and instantly received a birth announcement order. We were on our way!

We talked to an accountant, decided on a name and we were officially "Make It Personal, Inc.". Since that time we have sold tens of thousands of wrappers, we have been featured in countless newspaper and work at home Mom's publications and we were recently featured on a Work From Home feature on a major Detroit news channel. To say the least, this was more then we ever anticipated.

We feel very fortunate to be able to spend time with our husbands and children. We decide the hours we want to spend on our business, thus we decide our income. The more time we spend, the more money we make. The less time we spend, the more time we get to spend with the people we love. Either way we win!!!!

Sometimes owning our own business is overwhelming. At these times, we feel lucky that we have a partner we can trust and depend on. My sister and I both have certain responsibilities with the company. However, it is great to know that if we can't get to something..the other will pick up the slack.

Candy bars are the bulk of our business. We have sold to new parents, newlyweds, corporations, people having birthday parties, showers, religious events, etc....the opportunities are endless. We have found that everyone has a reason to buy our candy bars, which makes everyone a potential or repeat buyer. Our major source of business has been by word of mouth. Also, each time we design a wrapper we put our website address on the back..that way we receive free advertising to everyone that enjoys our favor. We have had many requests to further our products, so, we are slowly getting into different areas. We design seedling packets, LifeSaver rolls, thank you cards, baby shoes, announcements and invitations, baby blankets, etc. We are proud of our products and hope to keep adding more.

We hope that we have inspired you to start your own business. Whether it be personalized candy bars or anything else. If we can do it, so, can you. Be patient, give yourself time and room to make mistakes (everyone does). Hopefully, you will come up with SWEET REWARDS like we have!

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