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Start Your Own Resume Writing Business

By Sharon

Hello, my name is Sharon, and I started my home business "Express Resumes & More" In July of 1999. I first learned how to write Resumes in 1991 while attending College, and began writing them for family and friends. I also love typing, and using computers. Resume writing was just a hobby back then, nothing I did on a consistent basis. I eventually ended up getting my home licensed to be a day care provider from 1992 through 1995, so I could earn some income and stay home with my child. The daycare business was pretty slow though, plus I didn't have the financial resources to continuously advertise like I needed too. In 1995 I landed a job with one of the Big3 Automotive Companies so I stopped doing daycare. Though I began earning a decent salary at my job, I still had the dream of trying my luck at having a home business again. So in 1999 I bought a computer, got an Assumed Business Name, got some business cards, and flyers made up, and started telling everybody about my Resume business. I then typed a Resume for a friend and used it as an experiment to see how fast I could find her a job through the Internet, and it worked, within 2 months she had gotten tons of calls and had landed a job.

I then knew I just had to add the job searches to my Resume Service. So each of my clients receives 20-30 free job searches when I prepare their Resume, and an Electronic Cover Letter. Once I find a job match I submit their Resume directly to the Employers online. Every client is set up with an e-mail account also, which I monitor for up to 2 weeks, for responses to their Resumes. I also sign my customers up with two of the online job databases. They often have their phones ringing off the hook for interviews. I will even fax or mail their Resume and a cover letter if need be. Once I took my client's Resume directly to the hiring Manager in person. Whatever It takes to get their Resume to the Employer. I am constantly making new contacts, and make sure I stay updated on who's hiring and any upcoming job fairs. I also feel that the content of the cover letter is just as important as the Resume.

You have to be creative to get positive results, and persistent. I once had to submit one of my client's Resume 5 times online to this particular company before they contacted him. I have managed to get people jobs with the Big3 Automotive Companies, Utility Companies, and many others! One guy came to me fresh out of the military last year, and thanks to my services he is now making over $40,000 per year working at one of the Big3 Automotive Companies.

I feel really good when I find out yet another client has landed a job through my services. My customers are very impressed with the Resumes that I create, but I must admit most people come to me for the free job searches I offer with the Resume Preparation. I don't guarantee them they will find employment through my services they aren't paying for the job searches, only the Resume, but a lot of them do find jobs. I periodically check on my client's by calling them to see how their job search is going. For all of this I charge less than most Resume companies charge for a Resume alone. But for the time being I'm trying to keep my services affordable for the people who may need my services the most. I would eventually like to be able to offer job placement where the Employers send me their job orders directly. This may require a license, but just like with anything else, if it's important enough to me I'll just have to go through the steps required to get it. I wish I could do this full time, because I truly love what I do. But being that I am a single mom, and my job pays a good salary, and gives me: dental, health, tuition assistance, disability, 401k etc. I don't think I'm ready to take that type of risk and quit my job. My job also gives me the financial backing for my Resume Business that I didn't have with my Daycare Business, so I can invest more into things like advertising. I have tried radio, flyers, and even have had banners made up. But the best advertisement of all is of course word of mouth, from those satisfied customers.

I am in the process of getting a Web Site developed so I can offer my services to people in all 50 States. I used to have an office but I am now doing this solely from my home office. Everything is done through the Internet, Mail, phone, and Fax, I usually don't even see most of my clients face to face, unless they are somebody I already know. My customers don't come to my home. They call me and, I then mail them an information packet, then they mail it back to me with a money order. I then mail them the Resumes and a listing of some of the Companies that I sent their Resume to. If I have any questions I call them, or they call me. It works out better this way. When I had an office outside my home sometimes people would make appointments and not show up, and I'd make trips to the office for nothing. Now I don't have to worry about that. If they are serious about using my services their information sheet, and money order will be waiting for me in my mail box. The closest I will come to working my business full time will be when I decide to take an education leave from my job (in the near future). I'm working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, and want to speed up the process. I can take up to a year off from my job and go to school full-time, the Education Leave will be excused, but I won't get paid while I'm off, only tuition assistance. It'll be up to me to use my savings and money from my business to pay my mortgage, bills, etc., during that time. It's a challenge I'm really looking forward to :).


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