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Children’s Services

Selling Clothes Online

By Julie

Let me introduce myself. My name is Julie and I'm a military wife with 2 daughters, Emily-9 and Audrey-2. I recently opened an online children's resale store. I sell gently worn children's clothing, shoes and accessories as well as maternity wear. My husband Jason has been in the Army now for 10 yrs. So we have traveled quite a bit. However, it's a little challenging to keep up with a career of my own. I was desperate to find something I could do wherever we were. It's always been a hard decision to either work or stay home with my children. I want it all!

Rescued Rompers came to be when I found an online resale store while shopping on the web for clothes for my children. I didn't want to spend a lot of money - I've almost never bought brand new clothing for my kids - it just doesn't make sense. So, after lengthy research, Rescued Rompers opened its doors for business on December 23, 1999. There have been many hours involved surfing the web, finding resources to guide me along, and making decisions regarding what's best for my business. I am thrilled with the orders I've received, knowing that other moms out there are as money conscious as I am. I've had many positive responses from my customers. I believe the internet is a great tool for mothers of small children. Have you ever tried to take a toddler to the mall? They don't last long. They whine, want to be held, fed, and run around. With the internet, you can wait til the kids are in bed and shop in peace (the internet is ALWAYS OPEN). Plus, shopping at stores like Rescued Rompers, you find the quality you want at a price that is reasonable. Convenience and a bargain at the same time-what a concept!!! I've done all the hard work for my customers. I "garage sale" regularly and visit thrift shops often to weed out the best of children's clothing and then it's all organized in an easy to navigate resale store.

Working from home is a blessing. I am able to spend time with Audrey during the day and am home when Emily gets out of school. I have a flexible schedule that allows me to take some time off during the day to get errands done. However, I usually get up very early (around 5 a.m.) to work in peace while everyone is still asleep and then late at night after the kids have gone to bed. The biggest challenge is trying to work when Audrey is awake. Even though I'm right here, I'm not always able to give her my full attention. She gets into trouble when I'm not watching. I take frequent breaks to read to her or play. She also has her own desk right near mine so she can "work" too.

Currently, there are about 50 online children's resale stores. I am a member of a number of webrings. Webrings link the same type of store together so if you don't find what you are looking for at one store, you can move on to the next. This is a wonderful way to get your store name out there and to join forces with like-minded stores to provide superior service. I've also listed my website with several internet directories. There are many resources on the web for women interested in opening a resale store., and to name a few. I also try to offer sales and specials often to make room for new clothes.

I'm excited to be my own boss and proud to be a business owner.

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Children’s Services
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