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Children’s Services

Making Gifts As Home Based Business

By Debbie George

After the birth of my first child Iearned how difficult balancing a child and a full time job could be. My life became guilt filled. When I was at work, I felt guilty about not being at home and when at home, I knew I should be putting in a few more hours at work. I knew if we ever had a second child, I could not keep of the pace. So I started planning.

I looked at several home based businesses like Tupperware and Mary Kay both great companies, but not for me. I wanted a business where customer came looking for me. Little did I know the writing was on the wall, literally. While getting my son up from a nap one day, I glanced up at the personalized bundle that we had gotten with the stork that stood in the yard announcing my son's birth. I thought, that has got to be the neatest business on earth. Everyone involved in a baby's birth is so happy. I knew that was the business for me.

I did some checking and found what I considered to be the most beautiful stork around. A few months later my husband and I were the proud owners of a newborn announcement service. This home based business was perfect for me. I could work from home and take my son on deliveries with me. We soon expanded the business to include other yard displays like clowns, flamingos, happy faces, crows and tombstones, to announce birthdays and other special events.

We also found that there was a great demand for birth announcement products, like candy cigars, buttons, banners and t-shirts. We added a line of those items, a lot of which are personalized. Adding a web site to market those items last year has brought great results. As the business has grown, we've had to add a couple of part-time employees. While we probably could make the move to a store front, I still enjoy the comfort and freedom of working from home. This allows me a flexible schedule so I can attend the school functions for my now seven year old son and spend time with his four year old brother.

Debbie George
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Children’s Services
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