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Writing and Publishing Your Own E-Book

Prior to knowing how to write or publish an e book, it’s important to fly through an overview of what an E-book is. Hence,

An E-Book is a book published in electronic form, which can be delivered to any computer connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. Hence, the letter 'e' to the left indicates that this is an electronic book. An E-Book is simply software that can be downloaded on the net for reading pleasure on your home computer. E-Books are an interesting way to get the information you need when you need it.

Having understood what an E-book is, how do we write an E-book? This process isn’t rocket science; it’s the same as writing a normal book having one difference where the output comes in electronic form. Basically, to write an E-book the following steps can be of favorable use.

Identify a Niche
What will be your target market or niche? Is there a demand for an e-book in your chosen topic area?

Before you start to write your e-book, take some time to think strategically.

Outline a Structure
Put together an outline or a Table of Contents. Plan out what you intend to cover in each chapter.

Do Your Research
The Internet is a great place to do research. But it’s important to remember that many aspiring writers have spent countless days and weeks caught up in the research stage, and they never started to write the e-Book. Getting research completed as quickly as possible is of paramount importance.

Schedule Time to Write
To keep yourself focused, it’s better to keep schedule of targets to be achieved daily, weekly and so on. Keeping to this schedule will ensure that you finish the e-book on time.

Write the First Draft
Get everything on paper. Don’t think of any perfect language now. Try to get everything a bored so that organizing the ideas will be an easy task.

Include Appropriate Graphics
Select any graphics, charts, diagrams and pictures that are appropriate to include. Be sure they are placed near to the text which references them. You will also need some artwork for your cover.

Get A Friend To Read It
Find an objective friend or family member, or better still, another writer. Ask them to read what you have written and give you some feedback. What can be improved upon? What did they not understand? Which parts were tough reading?

  • Editing Tips
  • Check again for unnecessary words or phrases. Cut them out. Be ruthless.
  • Check that the content of each chapter is consistent with the chapter title.
  • Check that the content flows from paragraph to paragraph, and from chapter to chapter.
  • Consider whether you have you used sufficient examples, anecdotes, similes, metaphors, etc.
  • Check the spelling (your word processor should be able to help you with this).
  • Check your grammar (your word processor should be able to help you with this).
  • Format

Remember that your readers read your e-Book on a PC, or they may decide to print it on paper before reading it. Keep this in mind when designing the format, including colors, graphics and layout.

If you expect your readers to view it online, you may like to include special effects when they move the mouse over a section or when they click, for example on hyperlinks.

Don't Breach Copyright

This is very important. Do not copy graphics or passages of text from other sources without permission or the rights to do so.

Having got the information about how to write an e-book, it’s now important to see how to publish an E-book.

e-book Publishing can be defined as "any combination of hardware, software, and content that delivers the equivalent of a traditional paper book." Since e-book technology is faster and far less expensive, a growing number of e-book publishing services have emerged.

The advantages of e-book publishing can be readability, usability, availability, portability, changeability and multimedia capability. Also, whether you sell or distribute 1000 copies of your e-book or just one copy, your cost of producing the e-book remains at that same fixed cost it took to produce the first copy. Another advantage of e-book publishing is that you do not need to find a publisher to accept your work. You can be your own publisher and distributor.

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