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Web design as a business

The web design business today is one of the most lucrative business opportunities available. It’s also a viable and exciting way to make money from home. The only high standard pre requisite needed is the skill; otherwise, one can start this business small from a bedroom or corner of the lounge room and be writing web sites for people all over the world. Importantly, since there are so many people that want to create websites the demands for your services will be extremely high.

So for the talented web designer, there are few points that need to be known if he or she plans to succeed in this business venture.

What is a Web Design Business?

As a web designer, you create websites for your clients. This includes designing the layout, navigation and inputting all the information for the website. It’s important here, to go beyond just design and create profitable web presences for your clients.

Website Design Business Skills & Attributes

If you have the talent to create good looking websites that are easy to navigate and are pleasing to the eye, you will be providing the minimum service that your clients are entitled to. Hence, a good looking website is not the key to a successful Internet presence. It is simply one piece of the online business puzzle.

To start a web design business and to provide your clients with the best service possible, you need to have:

  • Design skills
  • HTML skills
  • Dynamic script knowledge - to build shopping carts and other dynamic components to websites
  • Marketing skills
  • Search engine knowledge
  • Copywriting skills
  • Graphic skills

According to many professional web designers, they are only responsible for the overall design of the site, but this is a tremendous disservice to your clients. If small business holders try to provide their service this way, it will lead to ill effects towards their business. This can happen by means of fewer sales and less traffic to the website.

This doesn't mean you need to have all these skills yourself, but you can partner with people who do. Work on your designs with a copywriter, a search engine optimization specialist and/or an Internet Marketing expert to produce the best possible website.

Online Marketing Ideas to Start a Web Design Business

  • Create your own professional web presence that promotes your website design business and highlights your skills.
  • Choose a niche or target market for your business. If you want to design sites for work at home moms, then target their needs. If you specialize in HTML or PHP, stick with that.
  • Market yourself as a web designer that not only designs nice looking websites, but who builds effective and complete online businesses for their clients.
  • Create an online portfolio of websites you have designed. If you haven't done any paid work yet, be sure to include any websites you have designed for yourself, friends or family.
  • Partner with other designers, writers, Internet marketers and search engine specialists. You all have different areas of expertise and if you work together, you can build up a steady stream of work together.
  • Ask your clients to put a link to your website in recognition of the design work you have performed.
  • Join a few Internet business message boards or email groups and offer your expert advice where it is requested. Better yet, offer to moderate a web design forum.
  • Target your local market with your website. Be sure to include your location in your website's information as many businesses will want to work with a local client.

Offline Marketing Ideas to Start a Web Design Business

  • Offer a few discounted or freebie jobs to build your portfolio. Contact a local charity or community organizations and ask if they would like you to build a website for them.
  • Explore the possibilities with your own personal contacts. You can certainly try cold calling to businesses, but you will find that if you talk to people you know, there's always somebody who is looking to get their business on the Internet.
  • Join business groups like the Chamber of Commerce or a group that targets your niche. Use this opportunity to get to know other people in business and build valuable partnerships and even gain a few clients.
  • Write a press release about your new business and send it to your local media. Tell them you are launching a new business, or that you were working on a site for an important or charitable organization. If it's newsworthy, tell them about it.

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