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If you are the type of host who puts hours of meticulous work into a party, making sure everything’s perfect and that it’s the best event you’ve ever organized, leaving a lasting impression on all guests present, then a ‘party services’ business is the perfect home enterprise for you.

Have you received lots of compliments on your special parties, on the uniqueness of your events and the thorough and detailed organizing? Do you have years of experience planning parties for your own children, coming up with interesting party themes every year, making each of their b’day celebrations unique and special? Now, that your kids are all grown up, do you miss the excitement of organizing their birthdays with loads of games and activities that will keep them enthralled for days? Do you miss the aftermath of the joy such wonderful parties bring to a kids heart? And the pride that fills your soul at pulling off the most wonderful party ever!

Imagine if you can relive those good old days, be a part of a birthday celebration for kids and enjoy the hassle-bassle of party streamers, balloons, noise makers and confetti, not forgetting all the wonderful party goodies, birthday cakes, pastries, party hats and crazy kids’ games. Imagine getting the chance to organize such wonderful parties more often than just a few times a year? Better yet, imagine getting paid for doing what you simply love to do. Unbelievable? Not really. There are loads of home moms who are running successful ‘party service’ businesses today. If you love hosting parties, that’s enough to get you started on your own enterprise in the field.

So, how do you actually get started? Simple! If you know you can pull it off, and if you’ve got what it takes, the guts to face challenges, the confidence to succeed and the drive to keep you going, then you are a winner. Start with people around you, friends, family and neighbors, feed your idea to them. Let them bring in your first customers to you. They won’t hesitate to recommend you as they already know what a wonderful host you are. There are your primary advertisers, so to speak!

Yes, it’s simple as that. You don’t need days of strategic planning, hours with advertising experts or long nights pouring over business charts. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t have any paperwork. Any business requires a certain amount of paperwork. But believe me; it’s not as complicated as you think. As long as you document things in order, and maintain proper records of all your finances, it should be a piece of cake. But if you are not too great with figures, it would be advisable to get help from someone who is better at it. Again it doesn’t mean you have to hire professional help. A friend, colleague, or even your own son/daughter, who might have only taken a few classes in accounting, would do a great job at book-keeping for your little enterprise.

Once the ground work is taken care of, think of ways to make your ‘party services’ home business unique from others. The main idea it to be creative and innovative! Come up with themes, game ideas, food treats that are totally new and interesting. Make your ‘party’ idea, stand out. That is the main eye catcher in this business. When you meet a client, do a bit of home work, find out their likings and offer ideas accordingly. It would be totally unprofessional to chose a ‘sea-food’ theme if the parents are vegetarian. First get their ideas and then provide yours based on them. Don’t let your excitement at a new idea mask the customers’ choice. Always remember, it’s their party, so you have to cater to their likings. Remember to show the correct amount of enthusiasm on their ideas, even if you might not be too fond of them.

Focus mainly on the ‘games’ you will be organizing for the kids. ‘Scavenger Hunts’ are popular amongst young kids at parties today. Make yours unique from any other scavenger hunt game. You can use a theme for the hunt, such as ‘the goonies’ for rather older kids or ‘gummy bears’ for smaller kids. Go back to your childhood; pick various super heroes, fairy tales and other fantasy characters that kids simply adore. But also try to keep abreast with latest trends, such as ‘Harry Potter’ and other new additions to the world of super heroes. Find out the birthday girl/boy’s favourite character and maybe base the party around it. It’s bound to get the kid excited about the party, hence convincing the parents to hire you for the task.

Once you have an up and running business, focus more on advertising. Meanwhile, make some flyers at home (it’s an easy task, get your grown-up kids who are good with computers help you out) and hand them out at the next party you organize. But remember to be discrete about it and get the prior permission of the hosting parents to hand them out to their friends. Have a business card for yourself (again you can do it at home yourself) and give them to potential clients. They will promote you without prompting, once they are satisfied with your service.

Wondering about the start-up costs? Actually, you don’t need much over-head for running this kind of business. A corner in your kitchen or laundry room would do as the base. Just make sure it’s an undisturbed corner and that you have access to a phone nearby. Keep it as organized as possible. Having your own vehicle, probably a spacious van would be a plus too. For the actual party expenses, workout a method for the customer to pay an advance at the closing of the deal, so that you have some capital for purchasing of goods etc. Talk to the store owners in your area and convince them to sell you purchases on credit or with only an advance payment. That way you won’t need a capital sum to start the business. Once you are up and running, re-invest your profits, and soon you can stop credit purchasing and have a smooth sail in the financial aspects of the business.

Doubts, speculations and ‘what ifs’ will not get you anywhere. Be determined, don’t lose your goal, aim ahead and plunge into the wonderful world of ‘being your own boss’. Own a successful ‘home business’ today! Do what you love and earn money from home for it.

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