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Hot Profits from Fleece Blankets!

When it comes to baby gift ideas many people opt for those soft, cute, two sided fleece blankets that would make unique and thoughtful gifts. Imagine how much more meaning it would add to the gift when these are personalized according to the requirement, depicting a special message the gift giver desires? Imagine turning this simple gift giving idea into a superb home business?

Making fleece blankets is a very simple craft project. It doesn’t require special skills or even require an expert hand in sewing or needlework. All you do is cut and tie. If you have a natural knack for crafts and loads of unique ideas, a home business in personalized fleece blankets would be an ideal enterprise for you.

These fleece blankets can be given as gifts for newborns, Baptisms, Christening ceremonies, toddlers and as baby shower gifts for expectant moms. Homemade fleece blankets make fabulous gift ideas, especially if they carry a personalized message, giving them that special edge over other gift ideas. These messages can be either the date of the special occasion, baby’s name, birth details, special poems and even personal messages. They also make great holiday gifts and would look lovely in a living room, beach house, mountain cabin, sports event and even on a camping expedition.

The start up cost for this business would be minimal, as fleece is relatively inexpensive, especially if you purchase it at sale prices, from discount stores and other resources such as the Internet. You can find a great selection of fleece for a good, bargain price from http://www.fleecelady.com/ and www.fleece-fabric.com. They also sell patterned fleece in a vivid range of colors and designs.

Before you purchase your fleece, decide what size you wish to make the blanket in. Go for basic sizes and remember to make provisions for shrinkage. Try to buy your fleece in at least a 48 inch wide piece so you can make a decent size throw blanket. Generous size will allow the blankets to grow with the child to toddler-hood, making it a more worthwhile and long lasting gift.

You can finish the edge of a fleece blanket by cutting it into fringes or by crocheting around the blanket edge with contrasting or matching yarn. This will add a special touch to the completed effect. It is advisable to remove the selvage edges (sides that are wavy and have tiny holes, where the fabric was attached to the loom) and even up all sides of the fleece material prior to doing the edges. The blanket will come out much nicer then.

You can adorn the blanket with patchwork, embroidery, smocking or even fabric paint. Try to attach these decorations to one layer before you sew them together, so that the second layer will hide thread knots and embroidary backings. Avoid iron-on stickers as they will not stick that well on the fleece material and may peel off after a few washes, scaring the special effects of the blanket.

These super soft creations are a popular choice as baby gift ideas and interior designing themes. They depict rest and relaxation and are wonderful to have in any home. Start designing these unique beauties and become a profit-making entrepreneur of tomorrow.

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