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Business Ideas for Rubber Stamping Hobbyists

Many of us love to make scrapbooks to hold our memoirs that can be passed on to our kids. Scrap booking is becoming a very popular trade, and as any other popularity gaining hobbies, getting more renewed and trendy. Most scrap booking fans love to use rubber stamps to decorate their scraps, giving rise to a high demand in custom made rubber stamps. Therefore rubber stamping is such a hot business right now.

If you are a rubber stamp collector yourself, ever thought of turning your personal interest into an income generating source? There is a high demand for personalized/customized rubber stamps, not just for adorning scrap books, but for making greeting cards, note cards and other craft projects by artistic souls. It is also very popular in the business field and is used for date stamps, designation stamps and return address stamps to name a few. There definitely is a huge market out there that would create ample opportunities for a simple business scheme for you.

As a collector, you would have a rough idea about the market out there. I’m sure you would have heard of and of cause used a few sites on the net that sell such customized rubber stamps. That would be the best starting point for your inspiration. Investigate on a few such successful businesses and observe how they carry out their enterprise. Learn a few pointers and go ahead with a similar business of your own. You can choose to do only marketing or to manufacture your own rubber stamps or even to conduct workshops on rubber stamping and different methods involved. All depends on your knowledge level in the trade. But it is always possible to get trained on the skills required, thus helping you widen your understanding on your favorite hobby.

Rubber stamps are available in several varieties; self-inking, impregnated rubber and further improved embossed stamps, to name a few. There are many methods of making rubber stamps too; hand carved (old-fashioned method, seldom used now, except maybe by engravers), "foundry" method (hand-set stamps with a border/illustration cut into a holder), “negative” method where the finished rubber stamp is formed in a single molding operation, and the newest method that involves photo processing and uses photopolymer instead of rubber. This represents the new age in rubber stamping and promises faster, cheaper and much more versatile rubber stamps, giving liberty to produce a bigger variety of designs that will catch the eye of modern day rubber stamping hobbyists and keep their interest at bay.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to succeed, if you follow these tips and tread with care on your new venture.

  • Most towns and cities are scarce on good, solid rubber stamping suppliers that will do a quality job. Strive to be customer oriented, pay extra attention to detail, priority to quality over quantity. It’s the best way to create a ‘niche’ market for your products over others in the field.
  • Watch out for misspelled words, and incorrect copy/type settings. When taking an order, avoid errors and be extra careful to get it precise.
  • Offer your products at a nominal price; grab the market with special discounts. Profit at a slow phase and reap long term rewards once you have a ‘name’ for your inexpensive, quality rubber stamps.
  • Vow to make timely deliveries, be it an urgent order or not. Reliability/punctuality is the best key to the customers hearts
  • Strategize your marketing to provide best benefits to the customers. Be honest about your work and avoid discrepancies. Integrity is the topmost quality every customer is looking for
  • Make a business plan. Do it yourself, it needn’t be professional, just simple and practical to give you an idea of the correct path to follow, how much to invest, where to market and when to expand (if you wish). Make it your backbone for the business

Further celebrate the joy of rubber stamping, by turning your passion into a profitable venture.

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