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Making and Selling Quilts

Remember the first time you painstakingly stitched a lovely quilt, matching a variety of fabrics and creating a unique design, with the help of your grandmother? The pleasure at seeing the completed task? The words of encouragement and awe your family and friends gave?

Many of us are encouraged to practice such crafts as hobbies, bringing out our hidden talents. We also like to give our creations as gifts. How many times have your loved ones encouraged you to sell your produce and how many times have you given the idea serious thought? But the uncertainty of venturing into the open market can be challenging and overwhelming.

Turning your quilt-making hobby into a business is actually quite simple, and can be very enterprising, provided you follow a few basic tips that will guarantee you success.

Take it slow

Venture out gradually, starting with your immediate social circle and expand through their help. Family and friends are the most effective and inexpensive advertisers your can have. Get them to show off your quilts (probably your gifts to them), and to hand out your business cards to people they know.

Have your own workspace

Be it a small corner in your room, basement or garage; make sure your work doesn’t intrude your family space. Never make the kitchen table your work area and clutter your needles and cloth material around the house.

Define a work schedule for yourself that doesn’t interfere in your household chores. Make sure you work around it so you get to spend maximum time with your children. The biggest reward of working from home is this quality time you get with your family.


Do not invest unnecessarily on material, especially at the initial stage of your business. Make do with what you have, buy more fabric from the earnings of your previous products. Let your business feed itself. Even though it might take longer to reap the rewards, it’s always the safer path to follow until you have a fully fledge business in running.

Keep creating

Love what you do, then show the world! The rest will follow suite. Never lose your creative streak and the enthusiasm for quilt making. Keep feeding on new ideas, from friends, family and other entrepreneurs. Visit craft shows and exhibitions or even browse the net to learn new designs and trends.http://www.busybeequilters.com/ is a useful site giving you loads of information about the quilt making world. But don’t’ forget to maintain your individuality. Create an ‘identity’ for your quilts. Make your creation a trademark in the business.


You can sell your quilts at your closest general store, gift shops, and craft stores or at trade fares and craft exhibitions. Talk to shop owners in your neighborhood who might easily agree to display your products at their store. Or you can even sell them online!

Don’t hold back on your dream. Turn your hobby into a business, means and methods of success are in galore. Venture today and enjoy the benefits of your own solid little enterprise!!!

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