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Starting a Resume Service
The resume writing service serves an important role for any economy. Many qualified candidates have a difficult time marketing themselves to employers and turn to a professional writing service for assistance. A successful resume is more than just a job history. As an experienced resume writer, you can provide the exposure needed for a job seeker to land an interview.

Specializing as an executive resume writing service can bring greater income for both you and your clients. One perfect resume is easily worth hundreds of dollars to an executive seeking a five- or six-figure increase of salary. Smart resume service provider should capitalize on this fact and provide excellence for these resume seekers.

In order to be successful at this business, we need to look at why people will need a resume service when there are numerous online and offline resume building guides, and resume templates in many of the word processors. This is due to many reasons.

Inability to promote themselves well in writing
When putting together a summary of their work experience, many people make the mistake of simply listing the accountabilities of each position they've held, rather than highlighting their strongest skills and biggest accomplishments. For example, someone with a customer service background would certainly have experience answering telephones and dealing with people, but did he or she ever win an award for outstanding service, or make a recommendation that saved a previous employer thousands of dollars? Well-written resumes do more than provide a work history; they separate outstanding applicants from average ones.

Lack of time
Between holding down jobs and raising families, many people have little time to react or respond when new employment opportunities or sudden job terminations occur. The ability to tap a reliable writer on short notice to develop or revise a resume eases at least some of the stress that accompanies the job hunt, and is viewed by a lot of people as a very worthwhile expenditure.

Lack of equipment and/or word processing skills
For those who can't afford a personal computer, or haven't a clue what a template is (much less how to use one), the equipment and skills you take for granted as a writer can be an invaluable service.

So in review of this facts and reasons, it is well seen that the resume service market is a market full of growth potential and most importantly revenue. Hence, it’s important to view what needs to be done to start a resume writing service business effectively.

Start Up Costs and Financing Sources:

Starting a professional writing service can be practically free. The major expense is advertising. Personal savings, credit cards, friends, or family members are probably your best resources for financing. Bank or venture capital investments are unlikely in this volatile industry.

Pricing Guidelines for Service:

Prices vary according to the market and the experience of the provider. An executive resume writing service with a good reputation can command much higher prices. What’s important here is building your own unique image and brand since it adds value to your product thereby increasing the price.

Advertising and Marketing:

The most basic advertising form for an online resume service is through the World Wide Web. With the utilization of blogs and Google advertisement applications, an excellent marketing drive can be accomplished.

With regard to offline media, it would hugely help, if advertisements are placed in the help wanted sections of local newspapers.

In addition, working with local colleges and technical schools using their endorsements could mean big business. Also near campuses there are bulletin boards where you can place free advertisements, these should be utilized well since campuses spring fresh job seekers. Laundromats, grocery stores, and banks are good sources of such bulletin boards.

With an income potential spanning from a mere $5000 to a colossal $50000, a full time venture into this service will be very lucrative. On a final note, there are several tips that can be used for better success.

Offering free advice on your web site will establish yourself as an expert who has even more to offer. This helps to build image and brand.

A resume writing service is not the type of business that has many repeat customers. (Actually, a repeat customer in this business is kind of a bad thing.) Don't expect a lot of repeat customers, but do make it easy for your customers to refer their job-seeking friends and family members. Your business depends on word of mouth.

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