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Running a Painting and Wallpapering Business

Do you pride in having a perfectly decorated home and rejoice in having achieved it on your own? Are you a natural at decorating, wallpapering, painting and everything that is involved in interior décor? Do friends and family come to you for advise on best color themes for their homes? Do you find yourself helping them with much enthusiasm and sometimes find yourself doing the whole job for them, by yourself? How many times have a friend or neighbor asked you to help them with their new room or nursery? And how many times have you responded in delight and found immense pleasure in creating a masterpiece of a bedroom, nursery or kitchen? And have the compliments that come your way for these designs created a name for yourself amongst neighbors and friends?

Did you ever sit down and think ‘I can actual do much more with this natural talent of mine!’ If you didn’t, give it a thought today. Wouldn’t it be great to start a ‘Painting and Wallpapering’ home business, where you can actually make money from this well loved hobby of yours. Maybe already your family and friends have been feeding the idea to your head, making you secretly dream about becoming a home entrepreneur. So then, what’s stopping you from going ahead with this dream?

More often than not, many talented moms who have what it takes to succeed in a home business find it difficult to actually ‘start’ out on their dreams. The initiation is always the hard part, with many questions / uncertainties holding you back. But think of what you are missing out on, the chance to make your time worthwhile, doing what you love, and working on your own schedule with flexible work hours, and most importantly, being your own boss? Aren’t the prospects too good to let pass such a great opportunity? Take that first step and bask in the glory of the wonderful lifestyle as a home entrepreneur.

So, what does it take to make that first move towards success? Determination, hard work, perseverance and of cause, a positive attitude are the qualities required of a winner in this trade. If you’ve got the talent, you can definitely go far. Painting and wallpapering is messy, tiring work, with long hour hauls. It is not a job for someone with low stamina and don’t like to get their hands dirty. Make sure you can handle the long, strenuous hours. Remember it’s not like decorating your own room, friend’s kitchen, a neighbor’s nursery, jobs that you do with long intervals in between. You will be required to put in long, laborious hours at a stretch and should have the energy to do so. Of cause, if you have a passion for what you do, you wouldn’t feel the strain of the hard work, especially once you see the outcome of your labor and find pride in it.

A few tips that would be very useful in starting your own business as a painting and wallpapering artist:

Start up requirements

Make sure you are fully equipped with all necessary material before starting this business. If you’ve been doing it as a hobby, you would already have collected enough tools over the years. But maybe you have been burrowing certain instruments such as ladders, drills, extra brushes etc. When you run proper business, this might become rather troublesome, as you will require the use of such instruments at all times. So it is advisable to make an initial investment on essential items that should enable a smooth flow in your work. If you don’t have enough cash for such an investment, don’t get discouraged. Make do with what you have for now, and once you’ve got a few jobs underway, use the cash flow from them for this purpose. You can also get an advance from your clients that will help you buy the tools you need. But make sure you can handle the job you undertake, when you commit yourself in such a manner.

Book-keeping and financial handling

Be very organized and thorough with the financial aspects of the business. Keep records of all your spending, earnings and work out a proper method for determining profit margins. Quote prices that will not be disadvantages to you or the customer. Account expenses on material based on the market value and keep abreast with other necessary resources. Always workout methods for cutting unwanted costs and minimizing your expenses. Make sure you don’t over budget material requirements for a job, try to make accurate estimates so that paint, wallpaper etc. do not go to waste. Do some research and find inexpensive suppliers for your material. The internet is a good resource for this.

Promoting your new enterprise

Don’t spend unwontedly hiring an agent for promoting your business. You can easily do it yourself. With a little bit of imagination, and lots of PR skills, you can make your business the most popular in town. Let your friends and family who take pride in your decorating skills be your top agents. Get them to promote your work, showing off the tasks you have done for them amongst their friends, family and colleagues. Print some flyers and business cards for your business and get them to distribute them. You don’t need to go to a professional agency for the printing work. If you are good with a computer, and have a decent printer at home, you can easily do it yourself. You can get a lot of guidance from the Internet on software for making flyers and business cards. There are sample templates available which will make things so much easier for you. Do a bit of research and improvise on your own. Use your creative skills and work out a wonderful and inexpensive advertising campaign for your enterprise.

Start a painting and wallpapering business and get your creative cords fine tuned. Rejoice in having an extra income and something to look forward to each day. Feel the rewards of a worthwhile enterprise. Start wallpapering today!!!

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