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Featured Business Ideas
Start an Errand Service: In today’s ‘fast-paced’ world, where everything is labeled fast from ‘fast food’ to ‘fast cash’, it is ironic how people are still starved for time. Although technology keeps advancing, where a task that took an hour in the past can be completed within minutes, so does the competition, and everybody is drawn into the rat race of this fast moving society, whether they like it or not. Read More
Starting a Cleaning Business
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is something we all believe in. It applies to all social hierarchies, irrespective of time.
Do I have what it takes to be a Travel Agent?
Of course being a travel agent from home is like any type of career, it isn’t for everyone. However, for a wide range of people, it is a great industry.
Tutoring: The Business of Teaching Others
Humans have been tutoring each other since the dawn of history—how else do you think fire was discovered and the secret to making it passed on?
Making Money with Balloons
Are you a natural entertainer? Love to impress kids with special treats? Do you have nimble hands?
Running a Painting and Wallpapering Business
Do you take pride in having a perfectly decorated home and rejoice in having achieved it on your own?
At Home Childcare
The need for daycare services only keeps rising in today’s day and age.
Tips on Writing a Killer Resume
A resume is the window that reflects your potential at a job interview. It provides an overview of your experience and skills and is the first form of contact with the interviewer.
Scavenger Hunts and Other Fun Party Services
If you are the type of host who puts hours of meticulous work into a party, making sure everything’s perfect and that it’s the best event you’ve ever organized,
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