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“Aquí Está Paco! /
Here Is Paco!”

Topics: numbers 1-20, question words,
weather, places, clothing, alphabet,
family, actions, months, seasons, days,
farm animals

Includes a 20-page booklet with:
Song lyrics in Spanish and English
Spanish language-learning hints
Phonetic pronunciation of Spanish songs

Spanish/English wordlist


“Paco is a small, full-
bodied bloodhound
puppet with
movable mouth and
front legs.

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Mail: KD LLC/Paco Puppy, P.O Box 67235, Lincoln, NE 68506
Phone: 1-800-699-1844

Paco Puppy - Learn Spanish and English

Now is the time to learn!
Everyone - from birth to adult - acquires language skills by listening, assimilating, repeating, and speaking. The prime time for this acquisition of language is from birth to between eight and twelve. The "door" to this easier learning then closes, so the sooner one starts learning multiple languages, the better. Although it's never too late to learn, there is no better time for any age than NOW.

Meet Paco Puppy
Paco Puppy is an entertaining, bilingual canine, who talks and sings in Spanish and English. As you sing along with Paco and his friends, you will discover that you are easily learning a new language, all via FUN and EASY songs!

About Kay Borget – Owner
Kay is an educator dedicated to the development and growth of individuals seeking to expand their knowledge. Kay has Bachelor of Science Degrees in Education and in Human Development and the Family, with endorsements in early childhood education, elementary education, and secondary Spanish education. A native Nebraskan, she has three children, one grandchild, and is the creator of the lovable, bilingual puppy named Paco.


"I’m really impressed with your project! My granddaughter Lauren has been learning

Spanish and was singing along, excited about having the whole Paco Puppy set."

Charles Thompson, Grandparent and retired teacher, Fort Collins, CO

"Prior to using Paco Puppy in my classroom, I did not know any Spanish at all. Now,

with Paco Puppy and his songs, my fourth-grade students easily take the lead and we are all learning Spanish together."

Mary Lou Beeson, Teacher Wisner-Pilger Elementary, Wisner, NE

I like to listen to the Paco CD in the car so that if I ever run into someone who

speaks Spanish, I can respond back to them. Paco Puppy is very fun because he is a puppet and you can sing along with him anywhere you go. He is fun to sleep with and I really like the Paco Puppy songs.”

Megan, 9 years old, Ridgefield, WA

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