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Bizymoms Xpress Workshop
Our NEW 2 week Xpress workshops are designed to be fast paced and very specific to their topic matter.

Subject: Mystery Shop ‘Til You Drop!
Instructor: Sandra Miller-Louden

About the Class:

You may have seen it featured on Dateline NBC or read about it in The Wall Street Journal ? What am I talking about?!? Why, mystery shopping of course!

So, what in the world is “mystery shopping” and how in the world do you go about doing it? Mystery—or secret shoppers—visit a place of business, reporting on what the company did right and where it could improve. The mystery shopper is someone who gets paid to shop and enjoy the services of some of the best-known retail, restaurant and hotel chains in the country.

In this targeted, two-week workshop, Sandra Miller-Louden gets you going on the road to mystery shopping. Within her first year of secret shopping, Sandra had completed over 250 jobs in 4 states. She'd eaten in upscale restaurants, received special airport security clearance to shop a well-known clothier and evaluated service in places carrying computers, cookies, kitchenware, ATVs, cell phones, yogurt, jewelry and sexy lingerie, among others. Role-playing as an interior designer, a woman who needed to lose 15 pounds fast , a bride-to-be, a mother-to-be, a woman who wanted laser eye surgery and someone who was in the midst of renovating her kitchen, Sandra was soon hooked on this new-found, fun way to earn money. Throw in a few overnight hotel stays with heated indoor swimming pools in the middle of winter, lavish breakfast buffets, exercise rooms...and no two days—or nights—were alike!

Sandra shares tips, secrets and hard facts about the world of mystery shopping. She'll steer you away from frequent misconceptions as well and give you the inside track on which jobs to take and which to avoid...which companies to work for and which to pass on! Mystery shopping is perfect for college students, seniors, stay-at-home parents or as a way to earn added income to an existing job. Whether you live in a big city or a rural wonderland, there are always mystery shopping jobs available.

So, if you're observant and have a flair for mystery, acting and role-playing, secret shopping just may be for you! As always, there's plenty of one-on-one interaction with the instructor—and to start, if you have any questions before registering, feel free to email Sandra: sandra@bizymoms.com .

Isn't it time you added a little mystery to your life?!


Sandra Miller-Louden is Vice-President and Coordinator of the Online Classes here at Bizymoms. In addition to this Mystery Shopping Workshop, Sandra also teaches Greeting Card Writing, as well as Writing That Fits In Your Bizy Day. Sandra has been featured in articles in The National Examiner, Staples.com and Attaché, U.S. Airways Magazine. She's been interviewed on the BBC, Voice of America, Clear Channel Communication's Valentine In The Morning Show and on NBC-TV. Join Sandra in her newest course here on Bizymoms.



Student Testimonials:

"Dear Sandra: I really enjoyed this workshop and I look forward to starting my new career as a mystery shopper. I hope I'll be able to email you if I have any questions. Once again, I thank you for a wonderful class." (June 2005) 


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