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Make Jewelry! Make Money!

Are you an inspired artist with an eye for fashion accessories and their designs? Do you love crafting your own costume jewelry and pride in adorn them according to the latest hypes and trends? Imagine earning a decent living out of this creative streak? The joy of designing beautiful jewelry and the awe of seeing people wear your creations?

It needn’t be just a dream, a vision that may seem unlikely. Do not worry about the fringes involved in starting your own business. While it is necessary to be sharp, organized and conscious of the norms concerned, it doesn’t require special skills or business management experience to see through the paperwork involved. Rest assured, it’s possible to see it through, especially with all the help and guidance you can access freely on the internet. So don’t let this one concern get in the way of your dream enterprise, make it a reality and have an enlightening home career.

In this creative career that gives you the freedom, independence, and flexibility of working from home, your earning potential is only limited to your determination, drive and desire. No special education, experience or training is necessary to break into this line of business. You can design all sorts of jewelry from necklaces to bracelets, earrings to rings, brooches to hair pins and even men’s accessories such as cufflinks, belt buckles, tie pins and buttons. You can use beads, synthetic or semiprecious gemstones, polymer clay, metal wire, ceramic pieces, or even organic or natural elements to embellish your designs.

The startup cost is minimal. You might initially need to invest on the basic tools, which are quite affordable, and the supplies can be bought on demand basis. If you have been making your own jewelry as a hobby, you will know where to look for bargains and deals. Or do a bit of research on suppliers (Internet is a good resource) and find the best bargains that suite your needs. You can even purchase online (try http://www.prettycreativeathawthornlane.com/).

A summary of points to determine before you set out on your dream career towards an exciting career in jewelry making:

  • Types of jewelry you would like to start with, based on your specialty, and how you wish to combine them into collections
  • What methods you will be using for designing and a list of basic jewelry-making tools you will require for the task
  • Supplies you will require and where you plan to get them
  • Determine basic pricing for your jewelry, based on the start up cost, and differentiate between wholesale and retail (and why you need to consider both)
  • Determining costs and profit margins and how you plan to invest on your business and draft a rough business plan and determine the path of your enterprise (you can use this as your framework when it comes to expansions etc.)
  • Make a marketing plan on how you aim on selling your products and how you hope to advertise

The market for inexpensive, costume jewelry is huge. You can easily make a lucrative income selling your inspirational, hand-made artwork to eager buyers. You can sell your products at r etail stores, gift shops, and supply to wholesale buyers or directly to consumers. You can even sell your jewelry online.

The limits to your imagination are minimal when it comes to this trade. Be as distinctive as possible and as vivid as you can get. But remember to keep abreast with the latest fashion trends. Work around them, remembering your consumer market. Improvise to your hearts content within these limits.

It is bound to bring you hours of joy, seeing these unique designs taking shape in your hands. Generate emotion through your designs, give your jewelry character and the customers will love them. The trick for success is in keeping your clientele inspired and interested on your designs. And the rest, as they say, is history!

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