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Writing Text for Greeting Card Companies

The greeting card market is one of the most profitable and high-paying markets for writers. According to the industry trends, each greeting card verse can earn a writer something in between $50 and $150.

The greeting card genre is different from all other types of writing, hence editors, when buying potential greeting card material look for that personal voice in your verse, where it’s like from ‘me to you’. To elaborate this point, the greeting card writer is that anonymous third voice between two other people, the card sender and the card recipient. The writer is saying for others what they may be unwilling or unable to say for themselves.

It’s a well known fact that editors have different needs for each line of cards. Once that is found out, it’s easy for the writer to thrive at this job. It’s important to know the market here as well as finding information about the company wants will be an added advantage.

In this process there is something that each writer should know about, that is the rack impact. This is basically, how and what you will see in a card rack or spinner on display. Roughly, in these displays each card has about 1.5 seconds to catch a consumer’s eye. If the card is too cryptic, has too many words, is obscure in any way, the buyer will move onto the next card without even picking it up. Every editor has this concept; 'rack impact,' in mind and uses it as a basic criterion for buying a writer's work. So capitalizing on this when designing or writing greeting card verses will help you get the assignment from the company.

With regard to breaking into the industry, there are several things to be noted for each and every greeting card writer.

Breaking into any type of writing is basically submitting and selling one's work. If a person’s creativity and innovation is at a favorable level, selling the ideas wouldn’t be a hard job.

When submitting work, writers should submit their works to midsize and smaller companies. By doing so, writers will have a greater chance of receiving individualized attention, comments and feedback.

One of the other important facts of breaking into the market is to know that there isn’t much competition in the greeting card market. So if a writer can break into the market through the proper channels, he / she can go very far in terms of writing ability and most importantly, money.

The next important thing with regard to writing for greeting cards is to know what kind of material has a higher chance of getting accepted by the companies. According to industry experts non rhyming verse is having the edge. However, during the past four to five years rhyming verse has had made an amazing comeback too. So even this, the kind of acceptable material, depends upon the writer, you! If one’s creativity and innovation is at a high level, anything whether rhyming or not will get accepted. As a tip it’s important to keep in mind, as a greeting card verse writer, to maintain and carry a notepad with you always so that any ideas cropping up suddenly can be written down for later use.

The business of greeting cards mainly operates electronically since operating post mail is time consuming. Correspondence should be strictly bound to the cyberspace since an editor cannot be checking hundred of postcards, mail or packages.

With regard to pay, this can vary for the better or for worse but all depends upon the quality of work a writer submits. So in line with what you submit, the pay can be in the range of a low $3 per line to $150 per verse with a humorous caption.

Finally, as a greeting card writer, what you will learn is the valuable ability of writing tight since the verses used in this business is strict to being tight.

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