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Craft Businesses
Featured Business Ideas
Make Jewelry, Make Money!: Are you an inspired artist with an eye for fashion accessories and their designs? Do you love crafting your own costume jewelry and pride in adorn them according to the latest hypes and trends? Imagine earning a decent living out of this creative streak? The joy of designing beautiful jewelry and the awe of seeing people wear your creations?
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Starting a T-Shirt Business
T-shirts are always in fashion. Almost everybody wears T-shirts, from children to teenagers.
Making and Selling Quilts
Remember the first time you painstakingly stitched a lovely quilt, matching a variety of fabrics and creating a unique design.
Making and Selling Fleece Clothing
Did you know that you can make a variety of clothing accessories from fleece, not just blankets?
Six Simple Gifts to Make with Your Children
Kids love crafts, and they are full of creative ideas that should be encouraged to sharpen their senses.
Starting a Candy Making Business
Are you a kitchen person who loves to make all sorts of treats for your family and loved ones on a
regular basis?
Hot Profits from Fleece Blankets
When it comes to baby gift ideas many people opt for those soft, cute, two sided fleece blankets that would make unique and thoughtful gifts.
Profits from Cake Decorating
Most of us domestic buffs are great at home-related activities such as sewing, needlework, patchwork, and of course the wonderful hobby of 'baking'
Business Ideas for Rubber Stamping Hobbyists
Many of us love to make scrapbooks to hold our memoirs that can be passed on to our kids. Scrap booking is becoming a very popular trade,
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