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What types of work can a Virtual Assistant business do?

The Virtual Assistant business has gained in popularity over the years with the explosive growth in information and communication technologies. A virtual assistant can perform almost all the tasks that a personal assistant in an office would do physically. The only difference is that in this case, the service provider is rendering those services from a remote location. Generally, it operates as a home based business and is an ideal business for those people who are keen to find work at home opportunities.

This business can perform a wide variety of work at a lower cost because of the lower overheads incurred. Here is a list of the types of work that is commonly outsourced to such service providers:

Administrative and Secretarial services:

This is the most basic and common service that is outsourced by small and medium businesses. It could involve typing and sending letters or emails, maintaining and filing records online, preparing online catalogs, price lists, packing lists, and other documentation on behalf of the clients.

Professional assistance:

This could relate to assistance in management consultancy, legal assistance, financial consultancy, investments and brokerage assistance, accountancy and bookkeeping assistance, medical assistance, or interior design assistance. All such support services can be rendered remotely from a home office to a professional.

Marketing and Advertising solutions:

Online surveys, market research, online marketing efforts, copywriting jobs and any such activities related to marketing and advertising can be provided virtually, without necessitating the physical presence of the service provider at the office.

Public Relation Management services:

Creating and sending press releases for a business, maintaining liaison with press offices and networking with important clients and institutions on behalf of the business is something that can be performed equally efficiently from a remote location.

Translation and Transcription services:

Many international companies need translation of documents, while many professional firms and other businesses also need transcription of data. This work can be easily outsourced to virtual service providers and good results can be obtained at a lower cost.

Web designing and website management:

Any company may seek the services of an efficient web designer and web master or web administrator who has to work from a virtual location only. He can easily work out of his own home, and render services on hourly basis to companies as and when they require it.

There are many more options apart from the ones listed here that are open to virtual assistants. There is a vast opportunity being created in this field as more and more businesses adapt to the idea of outsourcing their work and reducing their overheads.

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