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Marketing tips for your Santa Letter business

If you possess good creative writing skills and are looking for a suitable work at home opportunity without much investment or risk, you may consider Santa Letter business as an option. You need to use your imagination to create personalized Santa letters for kids that are most appealing in content, design and presentation for the little ones. If your letter can bring a smile to a kid’s face, there is a great satisfaction involved in it, and you will get paid for efforts by the parents.

However, apart from your natural creativity and interest to run this home-based business, you also need good marketing skills to grab the customer’s attention and achieve business in a highly competitive environment. Here are some tried and tested marketing tips that can ensure success for you in this business:

Conventional Marketing Tips:

1. Contact your friends and associates and spread the word around regarding your business. Your known ones will become your first customers usually in any business. There onwards, the quality of your work and word of mouth publicity will fetch you a larger network of clients.

2. Place your classified ads in the local publications or journals that offer you small ads at a low cost.

3. Print sample letters and address it to the parents in your nearby areas whom you consider as your potential customers.

4. Create effective “Press Releases” and distribute them in the media. Particularly when the holiday season is approaching, you will find quite a few takers for press releases.

5. Exhibit and sell your product at children’s fairs and any other children’s events organized during the holiday season.

6. Get your free entries in the Yellow Page directories in order to increase your business exposure.

Online Marketing Tips:

1. Set up your own website and pursue Search Engine Optimization techniques to maximize your web traffic and exposure of your site.

2. Place online text ads in parents, babies and kids oriented websites.

3. Participate in parental forums and advertise your business wherever you are allowed to promote it for free.

4. Affiliate yourself with various parenting and child product related websites for mutual promotional benefit.

5. Offer your product at high visibility auction websites such as eBay and others.

6. Use email, newsletter and article marketing techniques to gain maximum online exposure for your business.

Most of these marketing tips are low-cost, considering the low profile nature of this business. But if used correctly with the right presentation and right placement, they can bring effective results and create a strong client base for your business.

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