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start a photography business

start a photography business

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Start a Photography Business - Isn’t it great
to run a business that you can actually enjoy?
The secret of success for any business is that
you believe in what you do.
What makes photography a good business idea?

Wouldn’t it be great to run a business that you can actually enjoy? The secret of success for any business is that you believe in what you do. That’s why photography is taken up by many who want to start a photography business and work at home. For them, this business is simply the extension of a hobby. It’s the opposite of creating a set menu - every photo you take will be different. You get to explore your artistic side and to earn in the process! You can even go the distance and become a freelance photojournalist! Fame may not be too far away.

What are the basic types of commercial Photography?

Once you start a Photography Business you will be faced with the following two types:

1) Assignment photography is commissioned by the clients. You will be going to an event or shooting for an advertisement. You can specialize in weddings, birthday parties, nature, fashion, ceremonies or corporate events. The options are endless and exciting! This category involves less risk because you have entered into a contract by the time you snap the photos. You will definitely get paid for your work.

2) Stock photography is not based on any event or any agreement with a client. It appeals to the free spirited photographers, who like to click on impulse. Typically, a photographer will click hundreds of pictures until he gets that perfect shot, which can bring in top cash.

You can be exclusive or combine both types. Sometimes, capturing an event can give you some ideas for stock photography. Diversification helps when you are starting out.

Can my home act as the studio?

When you start a photography business, you need to consider your home studio space and the equipment you’ll need. The necessary space depends on the scope of your work. A small concealed space can act as the dark room. Or you can buy modern digital equipment so that the need for a dark room is gone. If you are going to shoot life-size portraits, you’d need relatively more room. Allocate space for backgrounds, lights and camera equipment.

What are the relevant skills?

An eye for beauty
Knowledge about cameras and their performance
Attention to detail
Knowing the aesthetic value of your work

The BEST WAY to start a Photography Business!

We are proud to say that we make it easy for you to start a photography business. Our Photography Business Home Business Start up Kit has given many budding businesswomen a head start! With your passion and our business expertise and experience, you can’t lose. The Bizymoms Home Business Support Team will be with you along the way!

With the Photography Business Start up Kit you will receive

The Easy Start Program - Step-by-Step guidance to get your business started in 29 days or less!

Our Photography Business e-book, newly written just for the Home Business Kit!
The Bizymoms Marketing workbook

This workbook will guide you through the process of marketing your Photography business successfully though proven, cost effective methods.

The Bizymoms Basic Business Start-up Book
Written to help moms with general start up issues like planning, financing and communications.

Six months of online email Support from our Bizymoms Home Business Support Team with -significant Home Business start-up experience!


An Interactive website complete with the following:

Customer Comments
Encourage previous and current customers to leave testimonials about your amazing work and quality service.

Product Catalog
Upload your products complete with photos, descriptions, add to cart options and a complete payment system powered by Paypal.  This will be your showcase!

Photo Portfolio
A picture is worth a thousand words and what better advertisement than your own photographs? 

Personal Blog
You’re the expert! Tell everyone why! Blog about yourself and show other just how a hobby can be converted into a successful business.

Upload brochures and other documents for client use
This feature allows your clients to access brochures, price sheets, tip sheets and any other documents about your business at any time.  They can be easily downloaded. 

Easy to use management features
This feature allows you to login and edit or update your webpage at any time!  You can even change the look of your website by uploading new photos or changing your website template. 

Link This and Tell-a-Friend features to encourage word of mouth marketing
Thanks to these unique viral marketing features, with the click of a button visitors can send information about your website to friends and family.  Imagine what FREE word-of-mouth advertising can do for your business! 

Plus, the ability to use your own domain name and THREE YEARS of FREE HOSTING!
Click here to view a sample website http://precisephotography.ekwa.com/